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Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck this Black Friday

Black Friday is no doubt chaotic. Everyone is running around in a frenzy trying to score the best gifts. With Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner, people are trying to stock up on gifts for their family and friends and not break the bank. But doing your research before you hit the craziness will definitely help out!

Make sure you do your homework and read online for the store hours. Some might even have the deals a couple days before the actual sale on Friday. If you can snag the early deals fast, it gives you more time to shop than just the one day after Thanksgiving. Some stores have the whole week on discount because they know the horror that comes after the holiday. Not only does online research help out with the time, but it can also help out with knowing what is on sale. For example, if you are searching for a specific item in electronics, there can be dozens of options. Researching which store sells the cheapest laptops helps out. There is a wide range from Target, Office Depot, Best Buy, Apple, etc. Comparing websites and prices will help tremendously! 

Being in consistent communication with your stores will help out. Subscribe to your favorite places, and you will receive reminders of what is on sale! Sign up for their emails, follow them on social media, keep refreshing their calendar and websites. Social media is a big strategy in our modern world. If you see a lot of announcements and flyers, you know which stores are the ones for you! 

A lot of people also online shop on Black Friday. If you are buying something that does not need to be checked out in person, online shopping may be a better option. Buying a new television set or tablet can be done with a click of a button! If you are buying a new phone case or watch, it can be done online. This way, you do not even have to leave the house! A lot of people do half online and half in person.  For things in person, like clothes, it would be ideal if you had a list of stores you know you want to go to and shop there. Some specific stores with great sales include Walmart, Kohl's, Macy's, and JCPenney. For Walmart, their doors open on the day of Thanksgiving around 6 pm, so it is actually on the holiday. Another bonus is that Walmart's online shopping starts the day before Thanksgiving on Wednesday at 10 pm. This place is great for electronics if you are looking for a new television, computer desktop or computer laptop. The times can range store to store. For JCPenney, the doors will open on Thanksgiving as well but earlier in the day around 2 pm. Likewise, the online shopping starts earlier, on Sunday November 18th! This store would be great for gifts like home decorations, accessories, etc. 

Have a plan ready—that way, being organized does not get you off track. Creating an itinerary for your shopping trip is the best way to go. Having the stores mapped out and having the order you want to visit them in gives you a sense of direction. You are there for a reason. You have a purpose and do not go off track. If you know what you want when you enter a store, it makes your direction clear so you can get in and get out easier. Make sure this holiday season will be a good one!

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