Floaties on Fleek

Summer gives us another excuse to shop for an essential activity of the season: the pool. 

Although we probably won't be on Kourtney K's level when it comes to pool aesthetic, we can try our hardest to keep our pool floaties on fleek. Shop some of the on-trend floaties below:

1. Bando Rainbow Innertube

Photo by bando.com

A cute update on the ~classic~ innertube.

2. Bando Banana Float

Photo by bando.com

I wonder if Gwen Stefani bought one already...

3. Urban Outfitters Mermaid Shell Float

Photo by urbanoutfitters.com

How many The Little Mermaid references am I allowed to make when on this float?

4. FUNBOY Private Jet Float

Photo by funboy.com 

Can we pretend that airplanes in the swimming pool are like shootin' stars?

5. FUNBOY Metallic Seahorse Float

Photo by funboy.com 

You vs. the float he tells you not to worry about