Exclusive: LaurDIY Shares The Importance Of A Work-Life Balance & The Best Way To Obtain It

This past Sunday on November 19th, UCLA Children's Hospital threw their annual Party on the Pier with the help of Mattel, an event to raise money through the efforts made by celebrity appearances and those involved through donations. I was lucky enough to check out the event and had some great conversations with the very best of the internet world, one being LaurDIY, a YouTube sensation known for her lifestyle and DIY-themed channel. 

Many YouTube influencers are nearly exploding with their online careers, seen through their work on YouTube, Instagram and even Netflix TV series. But launching such types of careers is not an easy task. Many videos are flooded with comments along the lines of, "You're making all this money for doing literally nothing," and I have found that there are spurs out of jealousy for the lifestyle that can be granted through online success. Online success requires vulnerability, as you are essentially exposing your life to the internet. You must have an understanding of consumerism and how to appeal to an audience, while consistently catering to that audience. It is time-consuming and energy-sucking. The last adjective you should use to describe a YouTube career would be "easy." We asked LaurDIY to explain how she achieves a work-life balance, and why she thinks it is important to stay focused in the midst of her crazy life embodied by fame. 

A work-life balance. What does that entail? As a college student, I understand a work-life balance as a balance achieved through maintaining both the work and social activities in your life to relatively equal extents. But, do they really have to be equal? The term includes the word "balance," which automatically assumes equal weights on both sides. Then is a life described by 70% "work" and 30% "life" not one that has a good work-life balance? Does it have to be a perfect 50/50? Of course not! A work-life balance should be one in which you are strong in your work department; your work is sufficient. Whether that be in school or a career, you are doing enough to help yourself in order to relieve yourself through activities under the category of "life." For example, in school, achieving a strong grade point average is enough for your "work %," and the rest of your time should be devoted to "life." It falls along the concept of prioritization and being sure you don't fall short of your priorities. Here's what Lauren had to say about it: 

HC: What is your biggest tip on balancing work and everything else?

LaurDIY: I think the most important thing is carving out specific times for yourself and not letting those times conflict with your work, and vice versa. 

Although short and sweet, this concept is HUGE! The power of having the discipline to set aside time for you and time for work is integral to truly appreciating your time spent away from work, and knowing when it's time to grind, like, really grind. For example, I set Friday nights aside for friends and family. Saturday mornings are set for school. I set meal times for me. I don't work as I eat. These are just a few examples of the power of dedicating certain times for certain activities. Be sure to give time to yourself in order to get through your work as efficiently as possible. You got this! Work hard play hard ;) ~ 

Thank you Lauren for this amazing opportunity! Keep killin' the game!