DIY Pumpkins!

Pumpkin carving is so last year, and especially hard if you’re living in a college dorm. Get creative and up your Halloween game this year with this no-carve pumpkin inspiration board! 

  1. Gold Jeweled Pumpkins
  2. DIY Gold Confetti Pumpkins
  3. DIY Gilded Pumkpins
  4. DIY Marquee Light Letter Pumpkins
  5. Hanging Half Pumpkins
  6. Washi Tape Pumpkins
  7. DIY Pumpkin Succulent Harvest Pumpkin
  8. DIY Chevron Pumpkins
  9. Gold Thumbtack Pumpkins
  10. DIY Watercolor Pumpkins

Remember collegietes, a little bit of sparkle adds a whole bunch of glam! Happy crafting!