9 Reasons Why Dr. Anna Lee Fisher Is The Ultimate Girl Boss

With UCLA's Centennial celebration in full swing, the announcement of Dr. Anna Lee Fisher as the 2019 Commencement Speaker has UCLA Her Campus super excited. Widely known as the First Mother in Space, here are 9 reasons why Dr. Fisher is totally a Girl Boss:

  1. 1. She's A Triple Bruin 

    Dr. Fisher received her B.A. in Chemistry in 1971, her M.S. in Chemistry and her M.D. in 1976. Inspiring and a total genius, Fisher graduated Cum Laude. Josie Bruin is so proud! 

  2. 2. That Space Shuttle - Yeah, She's Been On It

    She was a mission specialist on both The Challenger and Discovery, where she deployed satellites and worked with the Canadarm Remote Manipulation System (aka the "robotic arm.") In other words, she proved that science and tech is cool and female friendly.  

  3. 3. Say Bye-Bye to the Boy's Club 

    As part of the first NASA class of women to go into space, Dr. Fisher is credited with not only breaking boundaries by being the first mother in space but also being the last member of any gender to retire from space. Total inspo!

  4. 4. Like Mother, Like Daughter

    She's not only The First Mother Of Space, but she's also a mother right here on Planet Earth. She has two daughters: Kara Lynne and Kristen Fisher. Kristen is an Emmy winning journalist and Fox News Correspondent. Talk about making your mama proud. 

  5. 5. She Knows It's All About Girl Power

    Dr. Fisher contributed to the design of the first series of spacesuits that were tailored to fit women. They're called Extravehicular Mobility Units (EMU) and we say omg yes to their existence.

  6. 6. She's A High Achiever

    Dr. Field's resume is loaded with accolades. She has received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, the UCLA Alumni of the Year Award and the NASA Space Flight Medal...just to name a few. 

  7. 7. She's Not Only An Astronaut, She's Also An Emergency Physician

    Because exploring the solar system and being a part of the Orion Project, The Space Shuttle Program and The International Space Stattion doesn't keep her busy enough, Dr. Fisher also practiced medicine. Take that for multi-tasking!

  8. 8. She Has Strong California Roots

    Fisher grew up in San Pedro, California. She attended UCLA and completed her residency in Torrance. She may be living in Texas now, but we're sure she misses that California sunshine. 

  9. 9. The Girl Boss Of The Galaxy

    Fellow Girl Boss Beyonce said it best. She's a boss both in space and on Planet Earth. Move over Captain Marvel, Dr. Fisher is our new superhero.

Make sure to check out this absolute Girl Boss when she speaks at UCLA's 2019 Commencement.