8 Baby Bruin Survival Tips

Adapting to a new school can be hard, that's why we came up with our best tips for Baby Bruins:

1. Join a ton of clubs!

Doesn't matter which one—you never know what could be your calling. Find a new hobby or passion, and keep up your old ones. It's a great way to meet new people or find a new hobby. You can even join Her Campus at UCLA!

2. Be open to meeting all kinds of people

College is a time to make new friends and learn about other communities different from yours. Don't be afraid to talk to people during or before class, especially at the beginning of the quarter. It's a great way to meet people and you'll have someone to study with or get notes from if you have to miss class. You can never have too many friends, and you can learn something from each person you meet.

3. Avoid Bruinwalk

When walking to North campus, walk along Charles E Young Drive N in order to avoid Bruinwalk and most of the hills to get to Royce. Saves so much time and you don't have to accept flyers.

4. Explore campus

Walk around campus and be open to studying or eating somewhere different. You don't have to study at Powell or Young Research Library (YRL) all the time. Take the time to explore campus and find your personal little nook or corner in a small cafe, like Untitled, or even an empty classroom. Studying is less painful when you have a familiar spot to work in.

Gotta take advantage of our beautiful campus.

5. Take study breaks

While studying is very important, make sure to set aside time to have fun with your new friends and enjoy living in Los Angeles. The college experience isn't just an educational one, but a social one too. Go to football games on the Rooter Bus with your friends, go visit the Melrose Pink Wall and try Sprinkles cupcakes.

Games are actually SO MUCH FUN.

6. Do NOT buy Costco size shower products!

Trust me. You will not use all of it. Those heavy products weigh down your shower caddy and take up unnecessary space in your dorm. This really goes for anything—you don't need as much as you think you do in that tiny dorm.

7. Go to random events you see on Facebook

There is always something going on at UCLA, so check Facebook events and actually go rather than just hit "attending," and then watching Netflix in bed. You never know, you might meet some cool people, try some amazing food or get to play with cute animals.

There are usually puppies, bunnies and mini horses on campus around finals.

8. Buy a separate notebook/folder for each class

This is not high school. You don't need to schlep all the way to campus with all your notes each day. Keep each subject separate and organized. Pro tip—some students find they get better grades when they take notes by hand instead of typing them on their laptops. Try it out. 

I LOVE back to school shopping. So excited to use my color-coordinated Yoobi notebooks!

Work hard and party hard and you'll have an amazing UCLA experience. Good luck and welcome Baby Bruins, we are SO excited to meet you!

Photos courtesy of Sara Zaghi.