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7 Ways To Get Into The Holiday Spirit While Studying For Finals

Are you feeling unmotivated? Burned out studying for finals? Fortunately, finals week overlaps with the beginning of the holiday season, so it’s not difficult to find ways to boost your mood. Integrating the holiday spirit into your study session is surprisingly simple and might help you destress. Here are 7 ways to embrace the holiday spirit even while you are doing some last-minute cramming for your final exams:

Make a holiday playlist

Music is just the mood-booster you need to keep those fingers typing. So take advantage of the holiday season! “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is quite the serotonin booster, and you can listen to it guilt-free, knowing that Spotify Wrapped was already released.

Have some seasonal snacks on hand

Make it your mission to try every seasonal snack at Trader Joe’s. Okay, not every snack. But you can’t go wrong with anything on the Fearless Flyer, so just pick a few. Or, if you’re not feeling so adventurous, mix up some hot cocoa and revel in its mystical holiday healing powers.

Decorate your study space

If you’re going to be studying non-stop you might as well give yourself a nice view. Spicing up your study space with a mini Christmas tree or some string lights might elevate your mood with minimal effort.

Implement a holiday scent

There’s something about pine for me. Holiday scents are extremely soothing, and often nostalgic. Plus, scents are great for destressing. A simple plug-in, candle or wreath might be a worthy addition to your dorm or apartment.

Have a Secret Santa

Secret Santa is super fun and time-sensitive friendly. It’s a perfect way to pause from studying for a bit and spend some time with your friends, roommates, or even study group. It’s simple: write your names on scraps of paper, fold them, toss them in a mug, and let each person pick a name (but don’t tell anyone who you get—that’s the secret part), and buy a gift for the person you pick!

Wear festive PJs

You know you’ll be in PJs non-stop finals week. Who has time for tight jeans when you have to write a 10-page paper? That said, elevate your lounge look with some Christmas tree-clad pants or your favorite fluffy sweater.

Take a moment to watch a Holiday movie

Watching Christmas movies is a fast pass for festivity. You can make it an entire experience: make some hot cocoa, bake cookies, grab some fuzzy socks and flick on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Christmas Story, or your preferred holiday film. There’s plenty to choose from!

If you implement these tips, you’ll feel festive and ready for winter break the second you finish your finals. You might also alleviate your post-quarter burnout in the process!

Kylee is a second-year at UCLA double-majoring in English and Business Economics. She is a feature writer for Her Campus at UCLA who writes and publishes poetry in her free time. She drinks way too much coffee, romanticizes everything and has a book-buying addiction.
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