7 Things I Learned From Flyering on BruinWalk

Going through BruinWalk is like a literal and figurative rite of passage at UCLA. With so many screaming people surrounding you and flyers being thrown at you from every direction, it’s a lot to take in. Almost every student complains about the path, coming up with many ways to avoid that route. And for the longest time, I sympathized with walkers. However, I recently had an experiential shift: I flyered on BruinWalk.

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Being the giver of the flyers rather than the accepter (more like rejecter) has given me an entirely new perspective. While flyering on BruinWalk, I tried out so many new tactics to get people to take my flyers, and noticed so many things as a result.

1. Everyone ignores you.

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People have different methods of going about it, but they’re all pretty much trying to attain the same goal - ignore the flyers. Whether it’s by avoiding eye contact, drilling their eyes into their phone, or pretending they can’t hear you, people do everything they can to just act like you’re not there.

2. People will walk around you.

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People will go out of their way to stay away. Some will find different routes and not even step foot onto BruinWalk, but even those who brave the grounds of BruinWalk will work their way around the flyers.

3. “No, thank you.”

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People will say no before you even get a chance to open your mouth. Before even hearing what you have to say or offer, their rejection comes flat out. You just learn to accept it and let it go. 

4. Seeing someone you know.

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SALVATION! Finally, finally - someone willing to take my flyers and acknowledge my existence!

5. Wear sunscreen!

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Sunscreen should be applied generously when standing on BruinWalk. While flyering there, you will have to face the scorching sun, on top of standing up to scores of uninterested students. 

6.  It’s best to have a friend. 

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There’s power in numbers! People are so much less likely to ignore you if you have someone on your side. Plus, being ignored together means that at least someone can relate with you and share in the experience of flyering. 

7. Be NICE.

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Flyering on BruinWalk means you’re bound to be ignored and rejected dozens of times. Discouragement and anger may be common defense mechanisms to this self-esteem blow, but remember always to be nice. Maybe the students are in a rush to class, or maybe they’re just really busy - try not to blame them for turning you down.

I’ve been a collector - and I will admit, a rejector - of flyers many times, but this was the first time I had ever passed out flyers on BruinWalk. Standing on the other side of the situation helped me gain more perspective about what these people are going through. Through their willingness and enthusiasm to hand out flyers, some students exemplify impressive devotion and passion. After my experience handing out flyers on BruinWalk, I’ve begun to take any flyers passed my way - both out of sympathy and out of respect.