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Back-to-school t-shirts, face masks, hand sanitizer, and water bottle
Back-to-school t-shirts, face masks, hand sanitizer, and water bottle
Original photo by Sara Zaghi

7 Products That Will Help With “Maskne” (Mask Acne)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Between staying six feet apart, remaining inside as much as possible, and vastly reducing contact with anyone outside of your household, the pandemic has completely changed life as we know it. But perhaps the biggest change has been the introduction of masks into our daily lives. No longer is it possible to go anywhere without a mask. There are definitely upsides to mask wearing (besides the basic condition of keeping everyone around you safe) it can be nice to wear a layer of anonymity when going out in public now. However, with mask wearing has come yet another potential skin hazard (because we definitely needed yet another one) and that is maskne. If you are suffering from maskne, look no further. Here are six products to help keep your face clean and clear: 

The Voyager Mask– ARI JOGIEL 

Price: $24

The Voyager is proudly “Made In Freaking Los Angeles,” with 10% of proceeds going to The Conscious Kid Foundation. I can’t decide whether I like the black or the blue better- they’re both equally fun and fashionable.


Price: $9

California-based selfcare collection OH.SO has just launched MASK ($9). Feel Oh.So revitalized with the scents of Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils. MASK is formulated to refresh your mask with the power of Colloidal Silver, a true superhero ingredient, known for its antimicrobial properties. I’m obsessed with the smell of these- it’s so much better than mask breath.

Soliscia By Nufabrx

Price: $29.99

Not all masks are created equal. If you’re one of the millions of American’s dealing with the redness, irritation or “maskne”, caused by masks, Nufabrx has created a solution for you. The team took the best selling Theramask CuTec Copper infused face mask and added moisturizing Shea Butter to it, resulting in a cleaner and healthier solution to mask wearing for your skin.

Enough Project 

Enough Project Skincare is the gender-neutral, vegan-friendly sister brand of Laneige and Innisfree. A pragmatic line that wants to remind you “You Are Enough Just The Way You Are”. Enough Project’s products are simplistic and avoid the use of unnecessary preservatives and synthetic colorants. The line consists of a Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Foam, Essential Skin Toner, Essential Lotion, Moisture Cream and an All-in-One Essence all on Amazon and under $25. It’s a great value, and I know my skin needs this right now.

Christina Yother Face Masks

Christina Yother is committed to making pieces using sustainable materials and practices. “Repurposing with a Purpose,” Christina also reduces waste by recycling excess fabric into one-of-a-kind accessories, including face masks for $25 whose proceeds are donated to women’s shelters. These masks are not only affordable, but they’re going toward helping those in need. 

Face Balm

MedZone’s best-selling product Face Balm is an all-natural friction reducing travel-size balm designed to help prevent the rubbing, friction and irritation created by wearing masks. The easy-to-apply formula is made of all-naturals ingredients including coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, aloe extract, avocado, jojoba and olive oil, making it great for all skin types. Face Balm is available for $11.97 for a 3 pack at MedZoneCorp.com and on Amazon and Walmart! I am so excited to see results with this- my skin feels better already.

Razavi Collection Navar Mask & Sunglasses Chain

Using a mask chain keeps your mask clean, which can avoid getting Maskne. Razavi Collection makes these super cute convertible pearl and evil eye chains that are perfect to attach to your face mask (or glasses!) 

The hot and sweaty environment your mark creates for the skin around your mouth and nose is not favorable, and for many, maskne has become a serious issue. These products could become your best friends, so use them widely! I know I will.

Grace is a senior at UCLA majoring in communications with a minor in film. In addition to being a Co-Senior Editor for Her Campus, Grace writes and models for FAST (Fashion and Student Trends).
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