6 Ways You Can Spread Positivity Through Giving To Others During This Time

Right now, the world is in a precarious state. Millions of people are dying from a disease that was unknown from popular media just two months ago. The global pandemic has shut down schools, businesses and an overall sense of normality. How is it even possible to be positive right now, let alone spread positivity in a time like this? 

We all feel uncertain and unstable right now. However, some of us are more privileged in this pandemic: we are healthy, not immunocompromised, have shelter and an income to make it through these few months okay. That in itself should be a form of positivity. The best way to spread this positivity is by giving to others during this time. Giving does not only mean monetarily;  there are so many amazing opportunities to help spread positivity in this delicate time. Here are six ways you can spread positivity during this next few months of uncertainty: 

  1. 1. Adopt a grandparent.

    person comforting old man

    I accidentally came across this opportunity through Instagram and it is the most wholesome and amazing way to spread positivity. I am currently starting the process of “adopting” my own grandparent right now. This “Adopt a Grandparent” program allows people worldwide to volunteer to keep senior citizens company during this time. It is aimed to help seniors feel connected while they are physically distancing themselves. Since senior homes are not allowing visitors, the goal of this campaign is to combat loneliness in senior centers. This program does not require too much of its volunteers: volunteers have phone/video calls with their new friends, send photos and postcards and just spend time with them. Not only will this help to cheer up senior citizens, but you will be making an intergenerational friend that can share so many amazing stories and experiences.

  2. 2. Become a pen pal to kids in housing shelters.

    fountain pen on a letter

    Los Angeles Family Housing just launched a new campaign to help kids in homeless shelters combat social isolation through hand-written cards. Los Angeles Family Housing is a non-profit organization that aids families that are transitioning out of homelessness. Volunteers will be paired with a resident in the shelter and will exchange cheerful and encouraging letters to help kids feel connected and positive during this time. Families in this shelter are not as privileged as many of us to have even certainty of their living situation, let alone their futures, so this is an amazing opportunity to help encourage children who really need it.

  3. 3. Donate blood!

    Due to the virus and social distancing, blood drives for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. However, there are still thousands of people that are relying on that blood to survive, and they still need the blood donations that would have come from the drives. The American Red Cross sent out a newsletter pleading for people to keep their upcoming appointments or to give blood at American Red Cross Centers if they are able to in order to ensure a stable supply for those that need it through this pandemic. As the US Surgeon General beautifully said, “Social distancing does not mean social disengagement”. The American Red Cross has promised to use the highest standards of safety and infection control. So if you have been contemplating giving blood or were going to participate in a blood drive before it was cancelled, please consider donating to an American Red Cross blood donation location.

  4. 4. Support small businesses.

    Iced Coffee In Hand

    Small businesses that do not have the backing or funding of large, corporate businesses are really struggling during the stay-at-home orders that are prominent in most states. Local businesses are essential for the local economy and bring innovation and employment to communities. Therefore, if you want to purchase a coffee for instance, maybe stay away from Starbucks and aim for a small coffee shop in your community. Large companies like Starbucks will feel a much smaller effect from the coronavirus.

  5. 5. Reach out to others.

    Hands holding phone

    Send friends memes. Facetime family. Do anything you can to make this physical distancing less isolating. Make sure to reach out to friends or family that struggle with their mental health; they can be very vulnerable in this time of social distancing and change. Check up on everyone you know and make sure they know that you will always be there for them. You never know who you may save with simple communication.

  6. 6. Write "Thank You" letters.

    thank you note with pen, gift, cookies, and flowers

    There are so many amazing people in our communities that are putting their lives at risk to help us. Front and center are healthcare workers and janitors. Leave "Thank You" notes or email any healthcare or sanitation workers that you know to express your gratitude. Also, leave a "Thank You" note outside your door if you are expecting a package. Delivery workers are risking their own health to get you what you ordered- both essential packages and non-essential. Expressing gratitude is so easy for these well deserved members of our community, and it provides an easy and amazing way of spreading positivity.

The gifts of kindness, communication and compassion are the best way to spread positivity during this frightening time. The world needs some positivity right now and it is our job to spread kindness. So go out and adopt a grandparent, or maybe even just call your own grandparents. Reach out, make sure everyone is okay, make sure you are okay and help the world become just a little bit of a better place today.