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6 Ways To Handle 4 Or More Classes

Sometimes, with a double major or an added minor, taking more classes than normal is part of the job as a college student. While it may be tough, it’s not impossible. Here’s a few tips and tricks to get you through your quarter.

1. Do Your Readings on Time

This is pretty self explanatory. Getting behind in a couple classes is bad enough, but double that workload and finals week becomes a disaster.

2. Get Out Of Your Room

Sometimes, it’s nice to escape to Powell or even the sculpture garden on campus to get some work done. After being cooped up in the same spot all day, I tend to start getting distracted, so a change of environment is nice.

3. Go To Office Hours

Whether with your professor or your T.A., it’s always better to ask for clarification and make a personal connection with your instructors. The improvement will show in your work.

4. Eat and Sleep

Make sure to take care of yourself, too! Eat breakfast, put on a face mask every once in a while and try not to pull too many all nighters.

5. Use a Planner

Mark out your day, whether on your phone, on the computer, or in a physical notebook— it can help you remember due dates, classes, club meetings and study sessions all in one handy place.

6. Enjoy Your Classes and Have Fun!

While maybe overwhelming to take on an overload of classes, remember why you’re doing it. You’re in college to learn, and that’s exactly what you’re experiencing. Nevertheless, you’re also in college to grow, so make sure to leave time for friends and Netflix binges too. Remember that you are more than just grades on essays and midterms. You are learning to expand your knowledge on topics you are interested in, and that’s the most important thing.

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