6 Top Places to Feed Your Caffeine Addiction on Campus

Welcome back to UCLA, where students study hard and caffeinate harder! As we settle into fall quarter and the fall season, nothing says good morning quite like a cup of coffee. Never mind the fact that many people here, myself included, have stopped seeing coffee as a quick, delicious way to perk up in the morning and have begun to utilize it as a form of sustenance. I’m kidding (mostly). Regardless of your reason for consumption, it’s never a bad idea to know where the closest coffee shop to you is at any given time. Here are the six best places on campus so that you’re never without your caffeine fix.

1. Northern Lights

If you’ve been up all night cramming for a midterm or wrapping up an essay and need an extra caffeine boost in the morning, look no further than Northern Lights Cafe. With its cozy brick fireplace and close proximity to North Campus, it’s easy to curl up with a book and spend hours on end (and drink cup after cup of coffee) at this little cafe.

2. Southern Lights

For all the south campus coffee lovers, Southern Lights in the bomb shelter is the go-to coffee stand. It’s always swarming with researchers and doctors waiting for their daily dose of coffee, so if science is your thing, the line at Southern Lights is a great place to meet some really cool people in the field and strike up some fascinating conversation. Southern Lights now even serves Peet's coffee!

3. Bruin Buzz at Ackerman

No matter what your niche on campus may be, everyone seems to find one reason or another to venture into Ackerman every now and then. If you find yourself buzzing for coffee and a bagel next time you’re picking up notebooks, stop by Bruin Buzz on the A level of Ackerman. They have the best hot lattes and pastries to go, and shopping is only ever made better with a cup of coffee!

4. Evelyn and Mo Ostin Music Cafe

Located right near the inverted fountain and the Psychology Tower, this small-but-convenient little hole in the wall cafe is a perfect lunch or coffee spot for anyone heading to campus from Hilgard side, Hershey Hall or Terasaki. It has a beautiful view of the fountain, and it has fun tables and chairs that make for great group study spots!

5. Untitled Cafe

For those of you that spend your time deep in North Campus, Untitled Cafe is the perfect place to get your in-between-class refill. It lies on the second level of the Broad Art Center, near the sculpture garden. It’s an easy cafe to fall in love with if you love wide open spaces and artsy vibes. Not to mention, the iced caramel macchiatos are to die for.

6. Kerckhoff​

I saved the best for last, and for good reason! My absolute favorite place in the world to grab a coffee and study is Kerckhoff Coffee House. With its Harry Potter vibes, lightly stained glass windows, classic piano and WIDE range of music, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. You’ll never be too far from this campus gem. Located in the heart of UCLA, Kerckhoff is the prime spot to chill between classes, meet up with friends and, of course, sip on your favorite seasonal drink.