6 Most Secluded On-Campus Study Spots

As fall quarter reaches the peak of midterm season, the exams and assignments seem never-ending. It feels like all we’re all just living on a wavelength that alternates between sleeping and studying. But with so many spots on campus that are free of noise and distractions, we can make our study sessions most effective.

1. Young Research Library (YRL)

Since YRL is located pretty far from the center of campus, it doesn’t tend to be as full or busy as some of the other libraries may be. It’s equipped with rental laptops and outlets for you to charge your electronics. Plus, you can reserve your own tables or rooms for group studying to make sure that you will really get one of the most secluded spots!

2. Ackerman Union 

As part of the student union, Ackerman Union is full of rooms often available for students to study in. The rooms block out sound pretty well, so you can have some peace and quiet to devote to your studying. Located close to different restaurants and cafes, you’ll be close to food sources to keep you fueled while you study. Many of the rooms at Ackerman Union do get reserved by student organizations though, so make sure you check the little signs outside of each room, so you know it’ll be completely empty!

3. Kaplan Hall

If you’re struggling to find a good study spot on campus, Kaplan Hall can be a nice quiet spot to study. The building is a quiet one, with only a handful of students streaming in and out at certain times. With couches placed throughout the hallways, it provides students with a place to rest and study.

4. Coffeehouse

Okay, so coffeehouses aren’t the quietest or most secluded places, but there is something comfortable and so calming about the noise. Add the delicious coffee aroma, and it’s a perfect setting. Just pop your headphones in, let the background noise fade off and focus on your work!

5. Murphy Sculpture Garden

If the outdoors really speaks to you, immerse yourself into the landscape of the Murphy Sculpture Garden with your schoolwork and maybe a study buddy or two! With only the rustling of leaves and quiet chattering of nearby students as background noise, you can really free your mind and study.

6. Kerckhoff Art Gallery

While Kerckhoff Hall itself is typically bustling with student life since it consists of USAC offices, Kerckhoff Coffeehouse and ASUCLA offices, the Art Gallery is tucked into a secluded and quiet spot. This room is quiet, spacious, and framed with beautiful pieces of art. It is the perfect place to set your mind to a task and to find inspiration!

UCLA is a big school with an immense student population, but there are lots of secluded spots on campus that you can use to study! These locations can keep you safe from distractions and help you focus in on your work. Happy studying, and good luck with the rest of fall quarter!