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5 Ways to Unwind After Your Midterm

We know: that last round of exams pretty much kicked all of our butts. Even though it’s finally time to relax, it feels like our brains just can’t turn off! Here to help are some of our favorite ways to relax post-midterm season.

1. Go Grocery Shopping

Retail therapy? Well, sort of. Exams mean for dorm hibernation and major snacking, so we’re betting your snack drawer is looking a little empty. Restocking your shelves with some of your favorites will put a smile on your face, and running the simple errands you’ve been putting off will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the quarter.

2. Color

Adult coloring books are everywhere these days and for good reason. Filling in the pretty designs can help bring you down from that frenzied midterm buzz, keeping your hands busy but your mind relaxed.

3. Leave Campus

It’s easy to fall into a routine while you’re studying for a major exam—and even easier to stay in it longer than you have to. Get out of your dorm and off campus to celebrate the end of midterms and remind yourself of life outside the library.

4. Indulge

Treat yourself to whatever makes you happy. It could be a mega luxurious bath, a midnight marathon of your favorite show or an epically great meal. Whatever it is, make it fabulous. You deserve it!

5. Take Some Time for Yourself

We don’t mean the thirty minutes you spend on YouTube instead of writing your essay. Intentionally set aside time to take a break and unwind. Reading an article or listening to music before bed can help you sleep better and focusing on something other than school will keep you from carrying all that stress into the next day.


Good luck, everyone! Just a couple more weeks to go!


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Victoria is a Nor-Cal transplant and fourth-year Biochemistry major at UCLA. She hopes to one day have marble kitchen countertops, own the perfect slouchy sweater, and be the kind of doctor who handpicks ornaments when she decorates her office for Christmas. 
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