5 Tips to Land Your Dream Internship

After realizing finding an envy-worthy internship is very difficult to find today, I made a list to help you begin your search. Nowadays, finding a good internships is like Hunger-games competitive. Its all about finding one that awes in conversation while not having a Miranda Priestly-mean boss or work environment. While those notions are already a little unsettling, we also start to realize that our career journey is just beginning. We are no longer competing for a grade but rather competing for an income. What I’ve learned about beginning your job venture is that you need to have high standards and put yourself out there as much as possible. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect fit for the beginning of your career:

1. Contact the companies you want to work for

This was one of the best ideas I’ve heard and something people rarely do. Often, Indeed or other job finding websites don’t have all the listings or information about great opportunities. Look for the number for the HR department or even call! Be consistent because you never know what dream job is waiting for you.

2. Check Glassdoor.com or other job review sites

Before even stepping into the interview room, look up reviews about past employees and their experiences with the company. Similar to Yelp, it gives you a peek into how the company is run and what their work envirnoment is like. Yes, reviews can be biased, but they also can give good insight about what your internship could entail. 

3. Apply to as many internships as possible

Just like applying to schools, its good to have options and get seasoned with interviews. Even if you’re not very excited about a certain company, go anyway and gain the interview experience to nail the one you are interested in. 

4. Clean up your LinkedIn and social media accounts

I really can’t stress this enough because we all have some not-so kosher items on our twitters or instagram. Also, maybe your LinkedIn has a super outdated, low quality picture of you as well as scarce info. Make everything about you as presentable as possible. Unfollow your finsta and pretend like that person lives on a different planet when going through the hiring process. 

5. Go to the interview with questions

Something that employers have always told me is that I seemed very concerned with the companies goals and the work environment that I was applying for. It’s important to come to an interview with questions about what the position entails, what qualities are desirable, and what the most competitive candidate looks like. Appearing interested and assertive makes you appear like a motivated and serious candidate. 

While my advice can only get you so far, it’s important to be confident and act as professional as your dream job requires. Remember that everyone has bombed job interviews, and being yourself will show all of your great qualities. Before printing out your resume and choosing a professional handbag pre-interview, remember this is your first step towards your dream, and if LC could land Teen Vogue, you can find your big-break internship too.