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5 Things I Never Thought I’d Get Into During College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

College is a time for new beginnings. And with class schedules being a lot more flexible than in high school, college opens up the opportunity to try new hobbies and pick up new interests. I know that I’ve found myself discovering and rediscovering new things to bring me joy throughout the stressful quarters.

College is also a time when you get to meet different people who may introduce you to new passions. That was totally true for me. Maybe you came here because you’re looking for a new hobby to pick up during our month-long winter break. Well, here are five unexpected things that I’ve found myself doing during college:


This is a new hobby that I picked up at the end of last summer. It was something my friend who knows a lot about lifting got me into while we were spending two weeks together in Boston. We started off with her teaching another friend and me the basics in the hotel’s gym, and from there, the rest is history. I’ve been slowly learning more about fitness, and I feel challenged to take care of the body that I’m blessed to have.


Kind of a 180 from the last one, but something that I got back into during the height of COVID was gaming. At the time, this was one of the few activities I could do with my college friends while we were all stuck at home. Gaming was a really fun way to get a group together and stay in touch, and it honestly fostered a lot of my friendships.


College is when I rediscovered this passion, and now it’s what I want to do for my career. After working at a magazine for two years, I realized during my junior year that I wanted to get into journalism. College is an awesome time to try out all kinds of jobs and internships to see what you want to do after your college years end.

playing bass

I never grew up playing instruments, and I never really thought I would, but here I am. This really happened from a unique opportunity that I had with my church, which needed a bass player. I was reluctant at first, but eventually decided to pick up the instrument to help out, and now I’m in love. Do you have an acoustic guitar or keyboard sitting in the corner picking up dust? Well, college may be the perfect time to start learning the instrument you’ve always wanted to.


During my sophomore year, I noticed that I had space in my four-year plan to pick up a minor or another short major. That was when I discovered that I was interested in economics, and now it’s my second major. Don’t feel like you need to stick to the major or career path you came in with. College is a great time to explore your options and discover what you’re truly passionate about.

I hope this excites you about what college has to offer. Despite the stress, it’s an amazing four-year period of your life, and you’re sure to experience a lot. Go out and try some new hobbies!

Louise is a junior double majoring in English and Economics. She loves reading contemporary fiction and making Spotify playlists.