5 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care During Spring Break

When life gets crazy and there are a thousand things on your plate, the last thing you might worry about is yourself. However, the most important person you should be worrying about is yourself! 

  1. 1. Create Your Own Skin Care Routine

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    It is never too early to start taking care of your beautiful skin. I love wearing makeup, which means that I have to take special care of my skin so that the chemicals don’t go into my pores. The idea of a long night routine sounds dreadful, but I have come to realize that I love washing my face. I love how fresh and free it feels when I clean all the makeup off. The products that work for me might not work for everyone, but the way to perfecting a night time routine is through trial and error. The steps I usually prefer to follow are: 

    1. Removing my makeup with makeup wipes. 

    2. Washing my face with the Rose Foam from Nature Republic and a Clarisonic Facial System.

    Pro tip: Using your hands doesn’t actually wash your face as deep and thoroughly as you need it to, so a Clarisonic really makes a difference! 

    3. After washing my face, I find that my skin is really dry, so I love putting on the SoonJung Cica face balm from Etude House. I prefer to apply the cream by massaging my face in an upward motion. I tap my under eye area because you should NEVER rub your under eyes. 

    If you aren’t a fan of creams, but still want to hydrate your skin, face masks also work perfectly. I follow the directions on the packaging and then massage the excess into my skin when I take the mask off. 

  2. 2. Work Out At Home

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    I used to not be a fan of working out. I was always told that working out might actually make me feel better, but I could not comprehend how something meant to be painful could make me feel better. However, I gave in. I made a resolution to work out more in the new year, so I enrolled in spinning classes. Although the classes are painful during that one hour, what everyone said was right. I love waking up early to work out because it gets my day rolling in the right way. I feel accomplished after even just one hour of exercise, and I tend to eat healthier throughout the day.

  3. 3. Call Your Friends

    Besides working out, spending time with friends can make you feel better during difficult times in life. I find that spending time with my friends can distract me from the chaos of school and the rest of the world. However, everything is a balance. Spending time doing homework is just as important as spending time with friends. It does not take much to spend time with friends. Even though there are moments when you might feel like there are more pressing matters, spending time with those you care about is never something to regret. You can always spend a lot of hours doing work, but the time you spend with friends is something you might not get ever again. With many of us at home, technology has enabled us to keep in contact with one another. Give your friends a call! Play board games through video chats, watch shows via Netflix Party, work out with each other online! People are getting creative. 

  4. 4. Alone Time 

    On top of spending time with friends, it is also important to spend time with yourself. It is important to get to know yourself and assess what you want in life, whether it is the next 10 years or the next week. Spend time with yourself to do things that others might not enjoy doing or affirming where your identity lies. As much as I love spending time with people, it makes me appreciate the time I have for myself. You should not let others stop you from seeking adventure and being creative. 

  5. 5. Do What Makes You Happy 

    If it is spending a whole day watching Netflix or reading a book, do it! Life is too short to do things that do not make you happy. For me, it is doing my hair and makeup everyday. It might seem exhausting, but it makes me happy. Sometimes, in the midst of stress from school or work, all we need is a moment to do something that will truly make us happy. 

This is the decade of you!