5 Self-Care Projects That You Can Take On In 2020

“Self-care” is everywhere. Every Instagram feed, every marketing bit and is somehow in every conversation I have. But what is it really trying to say? How far can we take this now seemingly-trendy phrase? Sure, face masks and nights in with the girls are great ways to recharge and take a step back, but is that the true epitome of “self-care”? The self-care movement should be reoriented towards long term lifestyle changes instead of random, mediocre splashes of relaxation. Taking care of yourself is a lifestyle, not an attempt at a one-time-fix. The first step towards reaching this understanding and designing your life in such a way that your health, well-being, relationships and passions are prioritized is quite simple: start a project. 

A project forces you into a long-term commitment. It forces you to work towards something each and every day and see that project grow with time. But instead of a project that may stress you out or feel like a chore, start a project that revives you, that excites you. Here are 5 wonderful projects that will provide you with long-term fulfillment and energy, and will force you to finally take care of yourself: 

  1. 1. Start a low-maintenance book club.

    Books are where it's at. They inspire, they transform and my favorite feature of all: they transport you to another realm. Truly! It is time we take advantage of these incredibly accessible sources of magic and mix them with people who would like to travel with you. Get reading.

  2. 2. Pick an instrument and press play.

    Pick an instrument, bookmark some Youtube videos, block out times in your calendar and you are ready to bring your musical skills to the table. We are all capable of reaching proficiency in nearly anything, it just takes practice. Playing an instrument is no different. 

  3. 3. Begin writing “Morning Pages.” 

    What are "morning pages" you ask? It is a morning writing ritual where every single morning, you force yourself to write at least 2 pages about anything. Watch your creativity expand as your writing skills improve with time, and all it takes is 15 minutes each morning.

  4. 4. Pick a genre and become fluent at it.

    There are so many genres, artists and styles of music that are waiting to make an apperance in your life, really. Get on Youtube, Spotify or whatever streaming service you use and explore! Find a genre that you do not normally listen to and get learning. 

  5. 5. Start a morning walk ritual.

    It can be once a week, three times a week or every day of the week! Plan morning walks as you would plan business meetings or booking mandatory events in your calendar. Make a list of beautiful walks you would like to take and people you would like to take them with. 


Starting these projects are ways that you can finally take care of yourself and start living your life to the fullest. Expand your perspective and your world view through these projects!