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5 Post-Graduation Tips For For People At Every Stage Of Their College Career

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, the thought of what comes after graduation can be overwhelming. These are a few tips on what you can do before or after graduation:

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Failure in any way, shape or form is inevitable. It is up to what you decide what to do after failing. You can either pick up the pieces and keep going or dwell on what happened. I know one of my fears is not getting hired for a job I enjoy or worse, getting fired from said job. What I have done to try to overcome my fear of not getting hired is to apply to everything. I have only applied to internships, but whichever ones I thought I was qualified for, I applied to. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. A piece of advice I have received to help overcome my fear of getting fired is that your first job will not be your last. Whether you get fired or you find a better job, leaving your first job will not be the end of the world! It may be scary, but it only creates room for growth.

Unless You’re Attending Grad School, Your GPA Doesn’t Matter Much

Brian D. Evans, founder of BDE Ventures said, “Many college graduates think their degree means they can instantly get a job in Silicon Valley. As someone who took the Zuckerberg path and dropped out, I’ve learned that our society has moved to more of a ‘what have you accomplished’ than a ‘where did you go to school’ mentality. A degree is nice, but you need to show real-world skills in competitive fields like marketing.” 

Essentially, your work and what you have to show for it says more than your perfect grades. It is better to have interned with companies that reflect what you want to do in life rather than to have everything be dependent on your grades. This might be different depending on your career path, but nonetheless, having previous work or internship experience in your resume will definitely not hurt you.

Doubt Your Doubts 

This ties in with not being afraid to fail. Never be afraid to dream big and take leaps in your career. People may tell you that you are not capable of doing things, but only you know what you are truly capable of. It is okay to have doubts, but you should not let them weigh you down in life. Some of the best decisions that people have made were considered unwise. It is important to be careful, but just because the path you choose is unconventional does not mean you shouldn’t pursue something you are passionate about. 

Seek The Resources Around You

Ask for help and advice. If you have a career center at your university, maybe go once and see what resources they have to offer. My roommate once had trouble figuring out what jobs she could acquire with her degree, so she went to the resource center and they provided valuable advice. I have found that my resource center hosts a lot of events where alumni come to talk about the career I want to pursue. These are people who have been in the field for more than ten years. Sometimes they are more than willing to offer one-on-one mentoring or suggest ways I can create a direct path to my ideal career. 

Be Careful With Your Money 

College provides a little preparation for managing a budget, but in the real world, there will be major changes. Your apartment will not come with a meal plan and you might actually have to start paying your debt from school. A great first move into life after graduation is to start paying off your student debt. If you have no debt, start saving a little of your paycheck each month. Saving is not just about retiring, it is also good to just have backup money in case of an emergency.

You are in charge of your career and life, so prepare yourself as much as possible and go run the world! 

Allison is a feature writer at UCLA who loves hanging out at the beach and eating any kind of dessert.
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