5 New Tunes for the New Year

The New Year not only brings new resolutions, but it also brings new music! What can motivate you to start and continue to make your year great? Music from your favorite artists. Whether it be smooth techno or an influx of some rock songs— these bands bring the best tunes for any moment of the year.

1.) The xx


It’s been a long time coming for The xx. The English indie group has finally released a new album! Coming from 2013 it’s about time for new music to listen to. As they released two singles towards the end of 2016, I was getting exceedingly excited to hear some new sounds from the band. Like usual, they didn’t fail! I See You is out and ready to be played on any music sharing website from Spotify, Itunes, etc.. 

2.) Colony House


“Cannot Do This Alone” is an alternative sound to The xx. The album seeps with sounds of flowing guitar rock. If you are feeling a rock-vibe for those long drives through the city, this is the album to listen to.

3.) Milky Chance

 Always known for their smooth, effortless beat, Milky Chance is back at it with another single! “When will there be a whole album?” we ask impatiently. Who knows, but until then this new single will have to suffice. When I listen to Milky Chance, I think of a bright orange sunset in Venice and am immediately eased wherever I may be. I hope to bring this feeling into my year.

4.) London Grammar

Definitely a bit of pensiveness intertwined with this new single. Maybe this winter is making you feel a bit somber and the best way to let the emotions flow is through music. This new song gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your thoughts and feelings to hopefully move forward.

5.) Big Wild 

Big Wild's new song definitely gives you the techno sound you need on a cold Friday night to bounce back after a week of school and work. I Just Wanna allows you to get down and dance with your pals whether it be in your car, room, or dance floor.

Photo Courtesy of: Spotify, http://www.scpr.org/news/2014/12/16/48733/socal-rain-storm-brings-flash-...