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We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. Some of us even made it a New Year’s Resolution because it matters that much! It is such a simple task, yet so many of us have trouble drinking our eight glasses of water each day. Below is my simple five-step process to help you reach your daily water intake.

Before I share with you my five-step process, I would like to list some benefits of drinking water to encourage you take make it a priority to stay hydrated.

  1. Dehydration can cause you to feel moody or anxious

  2. Drinking water promotes weight loss

  3. Drinking water increases your energy/decreases fatigue

  4. Drinking water helps maintain a healthy skin complexion

  5. Drinking water boosts your metabolism

Want to reap from all these benefits but don’t know how to? Keep reading below.

Step 1: Always have a glass of water on your nightstand day and night.

This will make it easier to drink water as you start and end your days. Making this accessible is the first step to developing the habit of drinking more H20!

Step 2: Fill up your 32 oz (1L) water bottle either every morning or the night before.

Aside from your morning glass of water, you will have a water bottle that is 1L filled up and ready to go. The recommended drinking portion of water a day for women is roughly between 2-3 liters. Having a 1L water bottle means you only have to refill it once after the first liter is done, since you will also have your morning and night glass of water. There is no need to be guessing whether you are drinking enough water every day.

Step 3: Set an alarm if you know you will have set-backs.

Often times, the simple task of sipping water is neglected because we forgot or are so busy. By setting an alarm every hour or so, it can serve as your reminder to drink water until you form the habit! Just turn it back on every time the alarm goes off— simple!

Step 4: Drink water at every meal.

Eating is a must. We do it every single day. That said, swap out the soda and bring in the water. Not only will it not get you feeling overly full, it will help you digest your food. This is a great way to makeup for any water you did not drink throughout the day.

Step 5: Have a glass of green tea after dinner.

Drinking plain water is important, however, there are other alternatives to reach your daily H20 intake. Drinking tea is one of them. Natural tea, like green tea has lots of benefits and makes drinking your fluids a lot more enjoyable!

There it is. If you follow one or more of these steps, there should not be an excuse to accomplish your new year’s resolution, while enjoying all the benefits water has to offer!

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