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5 Definite Expectations You Should Get Rid Of Before Starting College

Things are definitely different now since most- if not all- colleges are holding classes online due to the pandemic. However, this does not mean that you won’t hold certain expectations when going into college, especially given all those movies about the college experience. Not to be a party pooper, but we all may need to set some more realistic expectations. When you go into college with certain expectations, you may feel unfulfilled, disappointed or as if you didn’t get the “full college experience.” The truth is, there is no one “college experience.” Here are five expectations that people tend to have going into college that we should try to get rid of:

You are going to find the love of your life.

Just because your social circle increases from your high school group of friends to that of college does not mean that you are guaranteed to find the person you will marry, or even someone you will date for that matter. Dating can sometimes be a bit harder in college, so try not to get down on yourself if you feel like your love life is lacking.

You are going to make it to all of your morning classes.

Regardless of whether your classes are online or in-person, it’s going to be hard to wake up for your 8am classes. I know you may think that it’s possible since you had to wake up at 6 or 7am for high school, but things are different in college. Be prepared for several all-nighters and caffeine highs.

You will find your life’s passion.

Believe it or not, a good chunk of people come out of college not knowing what they want to do. Just because you’re in a major does not mean that you will pursue a career in the same field. It’s normal to not know what you want to do at age 22. Take your time exploring different things, and you will eventually find the right thing for you.

You are going to go to a ton of parties.
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This one should definitely not happen this upcoming year due to the pandemic. However, even if the pandemic didn’t hit, you should not expect to be partying every night. Maybe you’ll party hard in your first year of college, but sooner or later, the thrill of going to a huge party will fade, and you’ll discover the fun of smaller gatherings. 

You will avoid the freshman 15.

I honestly don’t know many people who avoided the freshman 15 unless they went to the gym consistently. A lot of it has to do with eating lots of greasy food late at night and drinking, but guess what? Those things are super normal! Try not to beat yourself up if this happens to you, because it’s all normal.

I can’t blame you for having these expectations that have been perpetuated by movies and TV shows, but prepare yourself for the possibility that they won’t be fulfilled. Redefine your meaning of the “college experience,” and remember that everyone will go through college in different ways. Try to have an open mind and make college your own experience- all that matters is that you are living it the way you want to live it. 

Lauren is a fourth-year Psychology major with a minor in Asian Languages at UCLA from Studio City, California. In addition to writing as a feature writer for Her Campus at UCLA, she loves reading for leisure, playing with her dogs, and watching The Office.
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