5 Cheap & Easy Ways To Enjoy Your Spring Break

Living in California, it can be difficult to truly get into the fall and winter mood, but two of the seasons that thrive in this state are spring and summer. Spring is back, so it is time to enjoy the beautiful sun and the blooming flowers. While we move closer to spring break and as we daydream about our excape from winter quarter, here are some ideas on how to spend your spring break: 

  1. 1. Do a photoshoot at a garden. 

    assortment of flowers

    One of my favorite things about spring is the fact that flowers finally bloom. There are hundreds of flower gardens where you can get in for free and have a mini photoshoot for Instagram. It is the perfect way to transition into a spring aesthetic. Plus, who does not love being surrounded by flowers?

  2. 2. Clean out your closet. 

    Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet

    Winter has come and gone. It is time to put away the knitted sweater and take out the floral dresses or pastel shirts. If you do not have any spring attire, this is the perfect reason to go shopping. If you have stored away your spring clothes, cleaning out your closet is a great way to go through winter clothes you may not need to wear anymore. I always find that after a season is over, looking back through the things I did not wear is a great way to decide whether I actually want to keep certain items of clothing or not. ​

  3. 3. Spend quality time with your family. 

    Girls in the sunset

    Like me, you may be the type of student who only goes home for breaks. This means that when I am home, I try to spend quality time with my family. Moving away to college surprisingly made me grow closer to my family. Now when I go home, I love catching up, getting manicures with my sister, exploring restaurants with my brother-in-law and watching TV together. I appreciate the little things I took for granted growing up. It does not take much to spend time with your family. My friend’s family wash the dishes together and my family sits down to catch up. Plus, when you go back to school, it might be weeks before you see them again. ​

  4. 4. Host a spa day. 

    container next to flowers

    Having a spa day can be a great way to spend time with friends. All you need are face masks, nail polish, essential oils, face creams and anything else you want to have. You do not need to go to a spa to pamper yourself. Get your friends together, put facemasks on and binge the latest Netflix TV show.

  5. 5. Go to the beach. 

    Aaron Burden

    In California, summer never really ends. There are just short periods of time when it is cooler. As the temperature rises, the weather becomes perfect for a day at the beach. Grab your best friends, a blanket and snacks and head to Malibu or the closest beach near you. It does not take much to have a great day. Whether you are just swimming or enjoying the environment, you cannot go wrong with a beach day.

Spring is an amazing time! As the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming, make sure that you take advantage of all the great things that spring has to offer. These activities are just some ideas of ways you can spend spring break, but the possibilities are truly endless.