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One of my favorite forms of attire: workout clothing. Whether you workout or not, having staple athletic attire in your wardrobe is essential. It can be useful for a heavy training day or you an wear it while running errands. It does not have to be boring! You can brighten up your day with a workout outfit that will make you both feel and look good. Below are some of my favorite brands that will help you tackle your day in comfort and style. 

1. Fabletics

Fabletics is a company designed and co-founded by Kate Hudson. It is a range of fun colors and prints of workout clothes suitable for any personality and style. The company offers a VIP membership, where the first outfit is only $25. After, for only $49.99 a month, each member can choose from a range of clothes, or simply skip as many months as needed. If you do not skip the month, the $49.99 gets converted into points. Each outfit is worth a certain amount of points and you can shop that way too! From personal experience, their high-waisted leggings are worth the money! They are comfortable and pass the squat test.

2. Gymshark

This is one of the hottest upcoming workout brands out there. From their A-list workout gurus to their high quality and innovative workout clothes, Gymshark has revolutionized athletic attire. Their prices tend to average around $40 to $50 a piece. But, students get a discount and they often tend to have sales going on for particular items.

3. Lululemon

This is the classic workout brand that will give you reassured comfort and style at the same time. Lulus, as they are known for, hug your curves in all the right places. The only downfall is they are more expensive. A typical workout bottom is around $98. While this price might scare you at first, I can reassure you, they are worth it! Of course with any pricey item, be sure to buy it when you are ready to make the commitment.

4. Forever 21

This has been one of my absolute favorite brands. Forever 21 is known for its affordable prices, but quality, especially in workout clothes, has not always been their area of expertise. However, lately their athletic gear has improved and is a great option for workout clothes. Like many of the top brands, they offer a variety of options and style/prints to match any one’s personality. Forever 21 athleisure is affordable and gets the job done at the gym.

Whatever your choice of workout gear, always remember that working out should be an empowering and healing process. You should do it in the clothes that are comfortable and give you the confidence you deserve!

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