3 Things I Learned From Being Vegetarian For a Summer

I decided to go vegetarian in the Summer of 2017. During that time, I was studying for the LSAT, the notoriously hard law school admission test. While I was reading countless blogs on tips and tricks for the LSAT (btw, there isn’t really much that can save you except beginning the studying process early) I came across a blog post that said that one small change you could make to improve your LSAT test score was to eat healthy (mainly trying a vegetarian diet). I tried being vegetarian for two days and then quickly went back to my old habits. Later in the week as my sister and I were deciding what movie to watch on Netflix, we settled on “What the Health.” The documentary is from the same people that brought you a UCLA favorite “Cowspiracy.” “What the Health” is a documentary that looks at the problems of consuming animal-based products such as dairy, poultry, and meat. Based on this documentary I learned about not only the adverse effects of animal products on your body but also the social and environmental injustices surrounding the consumption of meat.

The social and environmental impacts were what caused me to become vegetarian. I think once you find something that you truly care about, like the environment, then becoming vegetarian is a lot easier and rewarding. Ever since becoming vegetarian some extraordinary changes have happened to my body and health. Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed:

  • My hair and nails grow really fast

Before I was Vegetarian my hair was at a constant shoulder length. If I cut it would grow but would never really grow past my shoulders. Now that I’m vegetarian my hair surpasses my chest.

  • I don’t constantly crave sweets

Before being vegetarian I was constantly craving sweets. Even if I wasn’t hungry I constantly was craving a chocolate bar.

  • I rarely experience breakouts and ALL my whiteheads have disappeared

Before being vegetarian I would experience the occasional breakout, especially when I was on my cycle. Now I rarely experience those breakouts and my skin is not as dry. The other great change that occurred was that ALL my whiteheads completely disappeared. Whiteheads are not like your typical pimples or blackheads, they can’t really be extracted unless done professionally. And when they are extracted, it’s very painful. Although it is not completely clear why whiteheads occur, many believe it’s tied to your diet. After going vegetarian, I think this may be true.

So this year, month, week, or even day try being vegetarian, you might actually like it.