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21 Reasons Why I Love ‘The New Yorker’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

1. It’s the best literary magazine in the world…or at least I’m making that claim right now.

2. Even if you’re not a fan of “literature” it’s still a fun read.

3. But if you do read it, you’re automatically a part of the literary community ~ welcome ~ *warms hugs* !!

4. The comics inside are the right balance between witty and adorable.

5. It’s like a newspaper, which it great, but also not like a newspaper, which is also great.

6. You can proudly tell your fellow young adults that no, you did not read the news on Twitter.

7. It counts as your daily dose of reading!

8. The magazine is easy to squish into your backpack or purse, and it’s light — no sore backs for you!

9. You get to feel very *sophisticated* when carrying it around.

10. The cover artwork is definitely dorm/apartment wall worthy.

11. If you like fiction, but don’t have time to read a novel, you can just read the short stories included.

12. It also gives you access to poetry ~

13. It’s probably one of the only magazines you can both carry around and purchase guilt-free. 

14. The small doodles between articles remind you that you should be practicing your doodling so that you can be a good doodler for absolutely no reason.

15. The letters to the editor remind you that the world is filled with many highly intellectual people and will restore your faith in humanity.

16. You can plan a weekend getaway trip through New York’s plays and musical events.

17. The movie reviews let you know whether you should walk down to the theaters and buy an overpriced ticket.

18. The book reviews help you add a few more titles to your never-ending “to be read” list, and you’re totally okay with that.

19. You can read the top contenders for their weekly comic captioning contest and complain about how your ideas were better…

20. You can pull out the stock card stub advertisements inside and use them as bookmarks…

21. You can strategically place the magazine in the background of your Instagram photos so that people know that (1) you read The New Yorker, and (2) You’re so *aesthetic*

I'm a small town-raised girl exploring the jungle that is Los Angeles. I'm currently in my third year of studying English Literature and Psychology at UCLA, with hopes of minoring in la lingua di Italiano. Along with being an HC contributor, my works have been published across other magazines, websites, and blogs, including LOCALE Magazine, Healthy UCLA (Mind Well section), and Her Blank Canvas. I am the founder of the non-profit Warm Hearts to Warm Hands, which teaches people the skill of knitting in exchange for an article of clothing made using their new skill, whch is then donated to local homeless shelters. I have an immense love for Pride and Prejudice, hot tea, and the human body.
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