12 YouTubers That Every College Girl Can Relate To

YouTube had become such a popular media format for both viewers and creators. There has been a large amount of popularity tied to many of these YouTube and some even create larger brands and followings beyond YouTube. YouTube can be a form of relaxation and a way to remove yourself from your own responsibilities and engage with someone else's life online. What people enjoy to watch obviously differs, but below are some popular YouTube channels that college girls can relate to and enjoy watching.

1. Nikki Blackketter

Beginning with the Fitness category we have Nikki Blackketter. Nikki is a Texas native who began her fitness journey on YouTube four years ago. She has grown into a business woman having her own clothing line with fitness retailer Gym Shark. She is a fitness influencer that is honest and true to who she is. 

2. Jazmine Garcia

A friend to Nikki and a fitness influencer herself has 280,000 + Subscribers and enjoys sharing her fitness regime as well as her love of food, fun and friends. She is definitely a girl everyone can absolutely relate to.

3. Carli Bybel 

Whether you are good at makeup or just enjoy other people doing theirs watching Carli Bybel will remove you from your worldly stresses. She promotes positivity and is a cat lady in love with her four beautiful kitties. Beyond that she has to created a business for herself by collaborating to create a makeup pallet of her own and jewelry line as well.

4. Nicole Guerriero 

Another Make-up artist and cat lady is Nicole Guerriero. With her popular Halloween looks to her amazing everyday looks she is a great influencer and artist. She, like many YouTubers, has vlogs that she uploads as well to give you insight into her everyday.

5. Aspyn + Parker

This young Utah based couples post fun videos about their daily lives that makes for a relatable watch. Through all big moments in their relationships, viewers become connected to them and look forward to their consistent posts.

6. Jess & Gabriel

A young married couple that met on instagram shares their lives and promote fun and positivity through their faith and love for one another. Along with that they are performing musicians who have towards to meet and engage with their fans.

7. The Bram Fam

 This fun former military family of Bramty, Luis and Penelope, has made a recent move to LA and they share their everyday life through their vlogs. Their love for family and fun makes you look forward to each of their videos.

8. The Ace Family

This popular YouTube family is a fun watch for their realness, fun challenges and relatable struggles. They have grown tremendously and are very humble about how far they have come. They have a beautiful daughter that really spikes you baby fever as well.

9. Lilly Singh

Superwoman! A must watch for all young woman. Lilly shares her daily movements and has become a strong female entrepreneur and author. She motivates girls to love each other and support one another's successes.


10. Cupcake Jemma

Who doesn't LOVE baking videos.Whether watching on instagram or any form of social media baking is a popular watch because it can be super relaxing. Cupcake Jemma creates amazing treats that are specially done and are bound to keep you craving for days.

11. Daniella Monet

The vlogs from the Victorious actress keep nosey supporters like me in tune with what she is doing next. Her kind hearted an honest videos make you feel like you know her personally! And let me tell you, her engagement video is beyond adorable.

12. Lex Loves Los

Another Celebrity vlogging channel featuring a spy kid and her Big Time Rush husband is another take on the life of celebrities. This couple too focuses on their faith and their family as they continue their lives as working actors.

Photos courtesy of YouTube