12 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel A Little More Homey

Moving into a completely blank apartment can be daunting with its stark white walls and empty cupboards. However, the best thing any new apartment-owner can do is to make the space as comfortable as possible. Here’s a few ways to do just that:

1. Wall Art

Covering your walls in pictures from home or artwork is a great way to bring a little personality into a space. Not to mention, some objects – like mirrors and clocks – help mesh form and function.

2. Stock Your Fridge

Keep your pantry full of everything you love eating at home. That way, you won't miss your swipes so much.

3. Movie Marathons

While laptops are the ideal medium for Netflix binging, having a TV in a central location allows for you and your roommates to have impromptu movie nights or watch your favorite shows together. Plus, you can watch time-sensitive programs, like the news or sports, more conveniently.

4. Painting Party

Getting canvases, acrylic paint and a group of friends together is the best way to spend time with people you love while also creating more art for your walls.

5. Candles

Bringing familiar scents can be relaxing and soothing, while also creating a welcoming environment for your guests.

6. Take Advantage of Outside Spaces

While it’s easy to put a folding chair or two outside and call it a day, hanging string lights and investing in some plants really make use of an otherwise wasted space. You’ll find yourself sitting outside all the time.

7. Put Your Favorite Record On

Having either a record player or speakers makes a world of difference. That way, you always have accessible background music and can throw an impromptu dance parties.

8. Books, Books, and More Books

Filling your shelves with your favorite novels – and those you have yet to pick up – is a great way to bring color, style and personality to a room. It’s a great conversation starter and you can swap your favorite reads with your friends.

9. Hobbies From Home

Whether you spent your time knitting or painting, bringing those treasured activity items with you to your new place is a great way to feel more comfortable in a new space.

10. Cozy Blankets

Cover your bed in blankets and pillows to make a good night’s sleep a little more homey.

11. Keep Your Place Clean

It’s easy to fall behind on doing the dishes or sweeping the floors. Don’t let it happen! A clean home is a lot more fun to come home to than one filled with clutter and grime.

12. Spend Time Doing What You Love, In a Place You Love

Whether you are doing homework, watching movies or inviting over friends, make sure to truly get acquainted with your new home and spend time cuddling on the couch or eating at your dinner table.


Photos Courtesy of Sidra Rashid