10 Things I've Learned Listening To The LadyGang

The LadyGang is a podcast featuring Jac Vanek of jacvanek.com, Entertainment Tonight host Keltie Knight, and actress Becca Tobin. Every Tuesday, a new episode is released featuring a celebrity guest, discussing good and bad weeks and giving advice every girl needs to hear. Over the last two years, I’ve listened to these three hilarious women go through heartbreak and happiness, and I have learned so much!

1. Never use the word "just" when drafting an email

There’s no need to say, “I just wanted to know if…” or “I was just wondering if…” Embrace your inner boss lady self, and be more confident in what you’re saying instead of thinking of yourself as a burden. I’ve even taken this rule and used it for academic writing, and it has helped me so much! 

2. "It's hard to love yourself if you're not being yourself"

In episode 101, Derek Hough shared some real wisdom with listeners; don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t because how can you love the person you are if you’re being someone else?

3. Don't compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highlight reel

Those models on Instagram may look perfect and your ex’s new bae may seem way cooler than you, but remember that the internet is a place for one’s best self, sometimes a version that doesn’t even truly exist. What you see on Instagram or Facebook is not who they really are.

4. Girl power is SO important 

The LadyGang provides women of all kinds with a platform to be themselves. The listeners are part of a secret Facebook group, and the support you can find there is actually pretty astonishing. In this political climate, it is so encouraging to see women from all over the world come together to create a community where we are not alone.

5. NEVER text him first

No matter what, do not do it! The girls really taught me that if a guy wants to talk to you, he will. If he’s not texting you, he doesn’t want you. Don’t stay waiting by the phone though; get out there and find someone else that will text you first!

6. "Treat your side hustle with the energy of a main hustle" 

Hilary Kerr’s advice from episode 92 is something everyone who wants to start up a business or a brand should remember. If you only give your passion half the energy as you give your main job, chances are, it won’t be as successful. You have to give it all you’ve got!

7. Embrace your sexuality 

The girls share many stories about their trials and tribulations in relationships and all that comes with them, including sex. There are no topics that are off limits with the LadyGang. Wait until you hear about naked stretching! 

8. Skincare is the key to looking fabulous 

I’ve never cared so much about the skin on my face! All I want to do now is exfoliate and moisturize a million times a week! The ladies are pro-Botox and even say you should start doing it as early as your 20’s. Mind=blown. Did you know face shaving is a thing for women?! Listen to the podcast, and you’ll find out why!

9. Spencer Pratt is pretty much amazing

Remember The Hills? Remember the original crystal enthusiast, Spencer Pratt? Well, baby, he’s back and more hilarious than ever! The first episode featuring Spencer (May 16, 2017) is one the most-downloaded episodes of the podcast, and that is for a reason. He’s so awesome, the girls even brought him back for their live episode event! (Just listen to the episodes, and you’ll become obsessed just like me!)

10. Jac, Keltie and Becca are the nicest celebs ever

I got to go to their live taping event, and they were so welcoming to everyone that now I feel like they’re some of my best friends! The way they welcome everyone into their LadyGang family is so comforting and encouraging. These ladies really have created their own lunch table in the cafeteria of the world where everyone is welcome. And let me tell you, it’s the best damn table there is! 

Check out our interview with the ladies at Entertainment Weekly's Pop Fest in 2016 here.

Listen to the podcast at theladygang.com, on iTunes or Spotify now.

Photos Courtesy of The LadyGang and Emily Lentz