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When I first saw a Lime Bike, I had no idea what it even was. A green bike? That you rent? That has a bell on it that people cannot impulsively stop ringing? Not to mention the fact that there are a MILLION all around campus, apartment complexes, gas stations, restaurants…literally everywhere! I wanted in. I wanted to find out if Lime Bikes were actually fun or if they might just possibly lead me to getting severely injured. The outcome from this was 100% worth it and I hope you are ready to learn about the good, the bad, and everything in between about these strange green bikes that remind you of limes. Also, please enjoy these original, hilarious tweets from the one and only @limebikesofucf. Enjoy. 


The #1 Rule of Lime Bikes

I still remember the first time I rode a Lime Bike. My friends convinced me to get on this Lime Bike because we were already running late to class and needed to get there within minutes. So the bike unlocked and I tried to grasp/remember how to bike all over again from when I was 8. During this, I was heading straight for the busy road that was only a few feet ahead of me as a car was about to drive by at the same exact time I was going into the road. So I did what my 8-year-old self would do and used my pedals to break. However, going in reverse on the pedals did not stop me AT ALL. In that very moment, it occurred to me that my brakes were not working and I was in grave danger. As I headed for the road ready to shut my eyes, my friends yelled out “The brakes are on the handle, idiot!” So I give you this, the number 1 rule of the Lime Bikes: the brakes are on the HANDLEBARS and going backward on the pedals does NOT work for Lime Bikes. I just saved your life. 

The Highs and the Lows of the Lime

Yes, I nearly went directly into the road the first time I rode a Lime Bike. Yes, I have nearly ran over several people (don’t text and Lime). Yes, I have forgotten to turn my Lime Bike off which resulted in me paying $8 for one single ride. One time I even put my bag in the Lime Bike basket that was slightly over the weight limit, which literally caused the bike to directly fall onto me and gash my leg open. But I still bike on, and here’s why:


Every time you ride the Lime Bike, it tells you how far you biked, how much carbon dioxide you saved, and how many calories you burned. This is such a simple little way for you to help out the environment and your health while always being five minutes early anywhere you go! In addition to this, it’s an eco-friendly way to get around while exercising and you no longer have to worry about someone stealing your bike. It’s the easiest, most efficient thing I’ve used on campus and if you haven’t tried it out yet, what are you waiting for? Help save the planet, one Lime Bike at a time!

All images taken from Twitter.

Sofi is currently the Director of Marketing & Publicity here at Her Campus UCF & is majoring in the College of Business Marketing program with a minor in Psychology. While focusing on school she is also a Sales Development Representative for Statusphere. She is obsessed with all things yellow, reading, Pink Floyd, It's Always Sunny in Philly and her orange cat Garfield! Her plans after graduation are still undetermined, as a variety of completely different things spark her interest! You can keep up with her Instagram @sofi.shirey.
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