Your Room and Your Mood: They Go Hand in Hand

Think of your happy place, think of the things that comfort you, and think about what makes you feel safe. Solely based on observation, those things, which may vary for different types of people, can bring on the feeling of excitement or even gratitude, and maybe even create a calm aura around them. Given the opportunity, wouldn’t you want to create an environment that encompasses all those things for you?

Zodiac Decor Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst / Shopify

A room says a lot more about a person than someone may initially think, and it can affect one’s mood just as much. Waking up in an environment that you're excited to be in — one that gets you excited to start the day — holds a certain significance that at times can go unnoticed. 

laptop on bed with a mug on top of a book Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

I used to start every day seeing plain walls and minimalistic decor, which was the furthest thing from my personality. I forced myself to be okay with it, just to save a few dollars, but I eventually wasn’t able to convince myself. When I started investing in my room and its decor I gradually noticed a change in how I felt as soon as I woke up. I would feel immediate comfort when I’d wake up, whether it was from seeing a poster of my favorite movie or seeing a wall of film pictures of all my closest friends. The most simple daily tasks can make one dread the day before it barely starts, but a space that brings a little grin can make that feeling easier.

Courtesy of Hannah Lipow

It’s important to invest in your environment. Your bedroom can be a type of sanctuary if you choose to make it one. After a hard day or a long night, to wake up or end your day, every day, with a space that evokes a sense of fulfillment and solace, is absolutely worth it.