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Why You Should Make a Vision Board This New Year

This year may have stolen a lot from us, including our hopes and aspirations for the future. It’s hard to set goals for the coming year when we’re still not entirely sure what it will look like. When we sit down to write out New Year's resolutions, the what-ifs can sneak in and make us question our ability to accomplish our goals. Although we have newfound hope for things to turn around in the new year, it’s hard to see what 2021 will look like in detail. This year has made us question timelines and public information, and with so much weighing on our shoulders, it may be hard to see over the hump of our current stress and into a future where our goals can be met in the real world again. 

So how do we see those goals play out? How do we remember what it could look or feel like to step closer to our dreams? Enter: the vision board. Every year, it’s my sister and I’s favorite tradition to sit down with a stack of magazines, blank whiteboards and a pair of scissors to create a roadmap of what we hope to bring into our new year. It’s my favorite tradition because no matter the circumstances of the current day, it brings back a spark of hope and creativity for the future. You can make a night of it by popping open some wine, ordering pizzas, and having your favorite hits from the year (Spotify wrapped anyone?) play in the background. 

If the heaviness of the world is making it hard for you to see too far out and leaves you feeling unsure, this can still be an amazing outlet for you creatively. You don’t need to put up pictures of a dream job or a financial goal if that seems too much for you right now. Vision boards can go at your own pace, so if right now yours is a little slower, browse for images that make you feel calm and happy. Your board can be showered with flowers, pretty dresses, bold words you find, or a mosaic of color palettes that bring you joy. 

Vision boards bring us a sense of control, personal innovation, and if nothing else, a creative outlet where we’re free to dream again. Put it up on your wall, track your progress towards those dreams, or journal out how you’ll feel once you achieve them. You deserve all the best in the New Year, and this can be the perfect tool for encouraging your inner daydreamer to come out and make it a reality. Happy manifesting! 

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Kelly is a Junior majoring in English on the creative writing track. She has a dangerous habit of daydream scrolling through designer clothing and a hobby of recreating the pieces herself with her sewing machine and an iced coffee on stand-by. Her heart belongs to her black lab and pit bull mix Leia (named after the princess). She has dreams of writing for a major fashion publication one day and plans to dramatically journal in her bedroom in the meantime. You can find her on Pinterest planning her next big adventure or pretending to be on it already at world showcase in Epcot.
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