Spooky Chic: Decorating your Apartment for Fall

I think everyone can agree with me when I say that  fall is by far the most awaited time of the year. From late September to December is the best season... and that’s not up for discussion. The leaves begin to change color, the weather starts to get a little chilly and you can bust out all your cozy, sweater weather apparel. Unless you live in Florida of course. If you also live somewhere where you can never feel the holidays roll around, then you understand how essential and important it is to decorate your space to feel a little more like the season.

1. THINK Colors!

This one's for those of you who still want to feel the fall vibes but don’t wanna be too extra when it comes to decorating. You can slowly incorporate fall colors (Purple, Green, Orange, Brown etc.) to your already existing decor. Flowers are the easiest way to do this, plus they look and smell great! You can also incorporate colored pillows, blankets or even some candles to add to the fall aesthetic. String lights don’t just have to be for Christmas, you can find cute fairy lights in these colors to brighten up your space. Not many people would count this as decor, but it's a must have for me during every fall and Halloween season. I love putting candy in cute little pumpkin shaped bowls. Putting candy corn in mason jars is a sweet way to give your apartment that fall touch.

2. Fall DIY

You can turn apartment decorating into some fun roomie bonding, because who doesn't love arts and crafts? One of my favorite fall staples is pine cones because they smell amazing and are a super easy way to fall it up. However, an even cuter way to decorate with these seasonal favorites is to add a little flair to them by spraying on some glitter! Another classic DIY would have to be a fall wreath! I personally love having a wreath for every holiday and season, so why not start out with this super simple do it yourself one? 

I scanned Pinterest so you wouldn't have to, and this blog had what I thought was the cutest and easiest wreath. If you're not so artsy, an easier DIY that still has a personal touch is painting paper mache pumpkins! All you would need are the pumpkins which you can find on Amazon and any color paint of your choosing and you're all set! This is also a great way to have your decoration match your apartment style.

3. FALL-in on a Budget

We all know the harsh reality that an aesthetically pleasing, Instagram worthy space can sometimes come at a cost. However, it doesn't always have to leave us feeling guilty, especially when places like the Target dollar spot and TJ Maxx exist. I’m sure you’ve seen the chic Fall decor at Target by now, but just in case you haven’t, here's a quick rundown of everything. A beautiful centerpiece can be achieved with the little painted pumpkins that are just $3 and one of the cute little holiday candles they have! One of my favorites would have to be the kitchen towels because it’s such a simple way to welcome spooky season! Along with their coveted Halloween socks, they now have adorable wall decor and string lights in the shape of pumpkins and witches. Target seems to have all the Fall decor must-haves but if you’re wanting a little more, TJ Maxx has the most fun Halloween themed pillows. A place not many people look for home decor is Michael’s! They have a huge selection of seasonal items and although their prices don’t compare to Target’s, they always have coupons!

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