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So You’ve Got the Summer internship…Now What?

As summer approaches, thoughts of beach days and drinks under the sun cloud many collegiette’s minds.  However, summer is also a time for students to get work experience in their related fields of interest. Keeping that summer internship in mind right now is important so that when it is time to start, you will be prepared. Here are five easy steps to get prepared for that first day of work at your summer internship.

1.     Get school credit for your work.

If you have a summer internship, register it NOW to receive school credit for your work. Students are strongly encouraged to seek approval from their faculty advisor before spring 2013 classes end, as many faculty will not be available to sign your internship registration forms after the spring term ends.

2.     Confirm details a week before your start date with your employer.

Your start date and time.

What your work space will be like (do you need to bring your own computer/charger, papers, etc.)?

Where do you park? Does your company pay for transportation (subway tickets, etc.)?

What they suggest you do to prepare for your first day.

Remind them how excited you are to begin working with them!

3.     Continue researching your company.

The more you know about your company, the better you will look to your coworkers when you step into the office. Set up a Google Alert on your company to receive any news related to it via email.

4.     Prepare for your entire first week.

You’ve got time to plan out every outfit and lunch for your first week. Go grocery shopping ahead of time and plan your meals as well as outfits to reduce stress in the morning before work and to help make getting to work that first week easy. Your ease in the morning will transition into the workplace.

5.     Make test runs to the office.

Figure out the quickest way for you to make it to work and practice getting there during that time.  This way, you won’t get lost on your first day and will know where to go as well as how long it should take you.

First impressions are important, so being both on time and looking professional during your first week will send the right message to your employer about your possible future with the company. But, CONGRATULATIONS! It is time to breathe and be proud of yourself for landing this internship. Put on your best smile and wow them this summer!

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