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So You Want Start Juicing: Beginner’s Advice

This is my juicer. It kind of sucks actually. But it was a wonderful Christmas gift that changed my life. Despite it’s misgivings we get along fine. 

We started our relationship back in January, when I declared that I was going to be vegan. After watching various Netflix documentaries I was convinced the way I was eating was slowly killing me. 

After doing some research, I wanted to start juicing as a way to help me transition into veganism. 

And it worked. I was a strict vegan for four months until the call of cheese and bacon drew me back to my meat eating ways. 

Whether you want to do a cleanse, or just want a quick way to consume more veggies, there are a few things you should consider: 

First, the process of juicing is not easy. The machine is loud. It grinds, moans and spurts. Sometimes it gets really angry and the entire counter top vibrates. Or it vomits pulp over everything in our kitchen.

Also, it’s pretty time consuming for a busy college student. Cleaning and prepping your veggies takes a while. Cleaning the machine takes even longer. You need a solid half hour to make one juice. 

Second, it’s kind of expensive. Buying a lot of produce can get pricey, especially since juicing requires a ton of fruits and vegetables. I recommend buying produce from a farmers market if one is available. 

And juicers are expensive. Mine is from Target and was relatively cheap for a juicer, but after many months of continuous use it’s starting to wear down. If you’re truly dedicated to juicing, make an investment in a solid juicer. 

Third, you’re body will hate you at first. If you’re doing a juice cleanse for an extended period of time, your body is going to go through withdrawals. You will physically and emotionally hurt as your body gets rid of all the toxins you’ve been putting into it. You’ve been warned. 

However, the results are worth it. According to Reboot with Joe, drinking fresh juice is a more efficient way to benefit from the nutrients in fruits and veggies. Overtime, this helps us eat healthier. 

Plus, could you imagine shoving your face with fruits and veggies all day long instead? 

Below are some of my favorite combinations. Some are going to taste awful. But as you juice more and more, I promise they’ll start to taste better. 

Not your average orange juice

1 sweet potato, cubed

3 carrots, peeled

1 apple, cored

1 orange, peeled

1 lemon, peeled

1 inch of ginger


Sweet and sour

Bunch of kale leaves

Handful of spinach

Handful of mint leaves

1 green apple, cored

1 cucumber, halved

3 celery stalks


Berry bliss

1 cup of blueberries

Handful of red or green grapes

5-8 strawberries, depending on size 

Handful of spinach

1 inch of ginger 

Nicholas Osler graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with a degree in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication. Connect with him on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nicholasosler
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