Sigma Phi Lambda: The Sorority You Don't Know

Many of us hear the stories about Greek life: the rush and bid process, bigs and littles and fun events like formal. What you may not know is that there are non-Panhellenic organizations on campus that you're also able to get involved in! There's one in particular I'd like to bring into the spotlight because many girls are surprised when I mention this sorority to them: Sigma Phi Lambda.

Sigma Phi Lambda, known in short as Phi Lamb, is a Christian sorority on campus. Here are the three main reasons why you should join!

1. Share your faith with a close group of friends and "phamily"

Within this organization, you don't have to be of a certain denomination. Come as you are and share your faith in a safe space! It can be intimidating to share with others, but knowing you have a close-knit group of friends who will pray with you and over you is reassuring and lovely!

2. You choose Phi Lamb

Sigma Phi Lambda doesn't partake in bids. Maybe you're interested in checking out Greek life, but you may not be able to find the exact group you're looking for. Phi Lamb is a smaller group of women, so it's a bit easier to get to know each and every person and build closer bonds with everyone! You choose whether or not you want to join, and they're happy to get to know you—that includes Phi Lamb alumni! Expect to get followers instantly when you join, because these women are ecstatic to be your friends and sisters! 

3. You participate in the same events as Greek life and even more!

Bigs and littles, formals, socials... you get them all! Not only does Phi Lamb host some amazing events just like the social Greek sororities, but you also get prayer nights, outreach, service projects, prayer groups, retreat and so many other awesome socials and events.

Sigma Phi Lambda's goal is to continue to provide a comfortable and safe space in which you are able to share your faith, make friendships, get a big and take in a little, and partake in many social events with your sisters!


If you believe Phi Lamb could be the group for you go check out their social media pages:

Instagram: philambatucf

Facebook: Sigma Phi Lambda; UCF Alpha Beta Chapter

All images credited to Sigma Phi Lambda at UCF.