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Sabra Hummus Issues a Recall and You Need to Know Why

Attention Fellow Hummus Enthusiasts:

Sabra Dipping Company, the makers of the most glorious, flavorful hummus, has issued a voluntary recall for some of their hummus products as of Saturday, Nov. 19.

The bacterium listeria monocytogenes was detected inside the facility, urging the company to test for any presence of the organism in their products. 


Though no trace of listeria was confirmed to be found in any of the finished hummus products, Sabra is still keeping on the safe side and asking consumers to discard of any Sabra hummus products* made prior to November 8, 2016. Hummus tubs stamped with expiration dates after January 23, 2017, are considered safe according to the official statements made by the FDA and Sabra.


Listeria contamination scares happen very often and by now most of us already know the drill. But for those who are not well acquainted with the organism, listeria monocytogenes is a species of bacteria that can be found in water, soil and in animal products. It is actually very common. Which is why proper sanitation in food manufacturing facilities is a must, and also the pasteurization of raw milk. And obviously, of course eating with clean hands in clean areas help discourage contamination and prevent the bacteria from entering the body where they can do their worse.


According to the CDC, eating foods contaminated with listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis.  Symptoms include headaches, fever, muscle aches, diarrhea and other unpleasant gastrointestinal issues. This infection is especially dangerous for pregnant women and those with weak immune systems like children, the elderly and people with cancer or any other immune comprising conditions. The treatment for listeriosis is antibiotics and a full recovery is possible for the average healthy, young adult. However, unfortunately for individuals without a strong, fully functioning immune system, treatment is often not enough to help fight off the bacterial infection.


But before you go over to your fridge sobbing and ranting about how 2016 is attacking everything you love, call your local supermarket and ask if they will switch out your hummus for the safe batch as indicated by Sabra and the FDA. Absolutely hating the thought of being hummus-less all week, I called my local Publix supermarket Sunday afternoon (since I recently stocked my fridge with all of my favorite flavors) and they are allowing customers to bring in their recent purchases of Sabra Hummus to switch out with new ones time-stamped to expire after January 23, 2017, or (if you so desire) a full refund. Sabra Dipping Co. is also granting consumers a direct reimbursement. 

I will be heading over to Publix to pick up some fresh replacements because honestly, I need Sabra hummus on demand at all times in my apartment.


*You can find the full list of recalled products on the FDA website. 



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