My Morning Routine for Success

Since starting college, every once in a while I feel myself starting to get off track. I’ll forget things I needed to do, reschedule plans I’ve made and postpone the creative ideas I have. It’s like being in a day-long fog I can’t shake! Over time, I realized that it’s often because my morning routine has been off or interrupted. To really feel my best, I like sticking to something consistent when I start off my day. It’s taken me a few tries to find my groove and it might vary a bit depending on the semester but right now, my morning routine consists of five steps.

  1. 1. Wake up and go through my plan for the day.

    I’ll double-check my planner and my to-do list for the day, adjusting it if anything has changed since the day before. My schedule has been varying each day since the start of the summer so it's important I make sure my car is packed up with everything I need. I’ll grab my camera, internship name tag, umbrella, sketchbook, dance shoes, lesson plans, external hard drive, laptop and set them by the door.

  2. 2. Shower and get ready.

    Depending on the day, I shower at 7 a.m. or 9 a.m. I like taking my time as often as I can. If I know I’ll need to get out the door quickly in the morning I’ll lay out my clothes the night before. If I have a class later in the morning, I like to pick my outfit after getting ready to really express how I feel that day. It’s my favorite way to style myself!

  3. 3. Make breakfast downstairs and start my cup of coffee.

    Some of my go-to breakfasts are tofu scramble, oatmeal or avocado toast. While I make breakfast, I'll have coffee brewing in my French press.

  4. 4. Start my podcast or music and work on my step a day.

    I have several podcasts in rotation. The Track about the world of Lindy Hop and other jazz dances, No Make-Up Needed, hosted by Lively founder Michelle Cordiero Grant and I Brew My Own Coffee about creating your personal coffee experience. If I don’t feel like listening to a podcast while I get things in order, I’ll put on some music and try to work on my step of the day—a challenge to come up or experiment with a new jazz step each day. I've noticed that for some of the people close to me with morning routines, they'll do something like read, watch a funny YouTube video or a crossword puzzle, but I find this works for me.

  5. 5. Take a deep breath.

    I hate rushing out the door and I usually feel more excited to take on the day once I’ve taken a breath and one last look in the mirror to make sure I look alright and have a positive outlook. With how chaotic my daily schedules are, it's nice to have something stable in the mornings. It's sometimes a struggle to stick to it, but I always know I feel so much better when I do.

All images provided by the author.