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My Mindset for this Year—and Every Moment of Every Year

In the midst of the New Year's arrival, we're prone to hearing very similar New Years Resolutions. Whether it be saving more money, working out more, getting better grades, or whatever else our hearts desire, we all have them. 

This year I want my New Years Resolution to differ from most others. I want to focus more on my perspective on situations that happen in life. I want to always see that every bad situation has had a good outcome in the long run. 

I realize that this may sound ludicrous; why would something going horribly wrong turn out so amazingly right? Well... this is a concept I had to slowly come to terms with since both of my fall semesters of college have been full of interesting moments.

Fall of 2017

...was an absolute storm. With my relationships fading as we all drifted along on different paths I found that I was caught up in the tornado of change. From an ex-boyfriend to ex-friendships I couldn't fathom how quickly things had shifted. I was gutted realizing that as we all began to grow up in a world outside of what we knew in high school, we were losing connection with each other. It taught me a lot and if every situation that semester had not happened, I wouldn't have decided to join a new organization on campus in the spring and get to know the amazing friends I have now. 

Fall of 2018

...brought a lot of potential in the beginning. It all started off in the right ways. I joined Her Campus, became secretary of the sorority I'm in, made new friends, and even had a potential love interest. Needless to say, the storm decided to visit me once again. This romantic endeavor failed, a friendship became strained, and I was unsure of what I could do. This brought out feelings of not being a good enough person to be liked romantically and not a good enough friend. Though I know these things not to be true, especially now that good things are happening in turn of these events, I still found myself seeping into a reoccurring thought process of, "Why did this happen? Am I not good enough? What did I do wrong?"

The anxiety peaked and I shut down. 

Fast-forwarding to what all of this has positively caused: I now have closer bonds with people who mean so much to me. If any of the occurrences this semester hadn't happened I wouldn't be as close with my incredible friends. I also learned that I have a support system behind me no matter what.

When things felt like they were falling apart one evening I found myself surrounded by about 12 girls who dropped everything to come and show me that I am good enough and I was never the problem. 

To those of you reading this, I want you to personally think about a negative situation you were in and then think about what positives may have come from it in the long run. I find that there has always been something amazing to develop even if at the time it seemed like a domino effect of negativity.

This year—and every moment of every year—let's think about all the good in our lives already, along with the good to come, and let's be grateful for where we are now.

Happy New Year and good luck on your resolutions—you've got this!

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Chelsea Velez is a senior majoring in journalism and double-minoring in creative writing & sociology. She spends most of her time writing, drinking coffee, and running around finding the latest story. She plans to become a well-known writer in whatever form that may be and inspire others through her content creation.
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