My Experience with MONQ Essential Oil Diffusers

There’s recently been a lot of talk about the benefits of aromatherapy when trying to spruce up your self-care and mental health. With that comes a growing market of people looking for less traditional plans of action, throwing MONQ essential oil diffusers into the spotlight and making them the popular new item.

What Are They?

The diffusers use the same technology as vaporizers (vapes) and essentially function the same way. However, instead of inhaling the contents of a normal vape cartridge, the user breathes in a mixture of essential oils called "Therapeutic Air®," communicating with your body the way plants communicate with each other in the wild. They're like normal essential oil diffusers, except instead of diffusing into the air, it diffuses into your body. Starting out with ten, MONQ has now expanded to 13 different flavors, or “blends," for customers to choose from. There are even seasonal ones to get you in the holiday spirit!

How I've Used Them

I found out about them when my roommate ordered them, after being referred to them by her sorority sister when looking for new ways to help her anxiety (finals season, amirite?). She then asked us for advice on which four to pick to start out with. We chose "zen," "forest," "ocean" and "mountain." When they got here, the rest of my roommates and I found out that we each had a different favorite blend, with not one diffuser sticking out as the group favorite.

My personal favorite is the "mountain" blend, which I found to be very refreshing, somehow getting that outdoorsy vibe while still feeling clean and casual; juniper leaf, peppermint and scotch pine oils each contribute equally to the experience. Once looking up the products, I felt a lot better about using them knowing they're completely nicotine-free and vegan, also made with organically grown, non-GMO products. 

After using "mountain" continuously for a few weeks, I've personally been able to relax a lot better with them, even helping a bit of my work-induced insomnia. MONQ diffusers, to me, have become an incredibly convenient and fun way to get the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy in my life.

The cons to these personal diffusers are that the regular ones aren’t refillable and only last around 200-250 breaths. Though mine lasted decently, my roommate's diffuser died more quickly than she would’ve liked. To combat this, MONQ has come out with another type of diffuser that’s more sustainable than their initial products: the MONQ R. With this diffuser, the base is rechargeable while the customer only needs to buy refills, coming in the five most popular blends. For MONQaholics, there are monthly subscriptions that send customers either one or three diffusers a month depending on the plan they choose, though only of the non-rechargeable single diffusers.

Even after becoming increasingly accessible, MONQs are unfortunately a bit on the pricier side with each diffuser costing $20 and a 4-pack costing $69. Despite this, diehard fans like my roommate remain loyal to them, seeing the health benefits and energy they bring as being well worth their buck.

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