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Misconceptions About Men

One of the very first things we learn growing up is the characteristics associated with each gender. We are taught that men are strong, independent, and simple, while on the other hand, women are seen as delicate, complicated, and graceful. While these characteristics are true for us women, can we say the same about men? What do we really know about these “simple” creatures? Do they all really exude these masculine characteristics or do they hide behind them in fear of not being perceived as “manly”? I think Carrie Bradshaw, the ultimate collegiette of her day, questioned men best. Are men just women, but with balls? I am here to answer the common misconceptions about men.
Myth #1: Men Are Simple Creatures
Sure, men are simple-minded compared to the intricate female mind, but are they really as simple as they claim? They profess that they need only four things to make them happy: food, sleep, sex and entertainment. Why those might be the basic features that can keep a man running, once you peal back the layers, there’s more complications than meets the eye. Check out Ally Smith’s article, Why'd You Have To Go and Make Things So Complicated?,  which goes into expressive detail about why the male species makes dating more complicated than it needs to be.
Myth #2: Men Are Unemotional

I have found this to be undoubtedly untrue. While men do not get emotional over the same affairs that us women do, they get emotional in their own bizarre way. While we let a chipped nail on top of an already disastrous day lead us to emotional overload, men let losing to their roommate in Modern Warcraft 3 or their favorite sports team choking in the last quarter of the game turn a whole day upside down. We might not ever understand what creates these emotional releases in each other, but at least we can both enjoy a pity party while on our “periods.” While men obviously do not physically have a menstrual cycle, they experience mental moodiness and high levels of irritability that I like to call the “man period.”

Myth #3: Men Don’t Gossip
Have you ever been around a group of guys and actually listened to their conversations? They are like a bunch of older women, but it is a different type of gossip. Instead of spending hours picking apart Karen’s new boyfriend, they get into petty arguments over whether Tim Tebow was the best college quarterback there ever was. One thing that women can learn from men gossiping is the courage to say exactly what’s on their mind to the intended person.
Myth #4: Guys Don’t Interact With Guys They Don’t Know
I beg to differ. All guys engage in some form of man flirting. My boyfriend’s friendly mannerisms make him extremely approachable. His go-to pick up line is, “Hey man, do you fish?” And proceeds into deep conversations about manly activities that usually lead to number exchanges in promise of going gator hunting.
There will always be things we will never understand about men. Like why they bet each other “El Corrals” over the dumbest things even when they know there is no way in hell they will win. Men are evolving creatures, which means more opportunities for us collegiettes to mold them!

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