Meet the Girl Boss Leaders of Statusphere

At HCUCF, we love to use our platform to celebrate all of the girl bosses out there. Recently, we had the chance to talk to two girl bosses over at Statusphere, an Orlando-based influencer marketing start-up. Kristen Wiley and Theresa Joseph are the company's CEO and COO, respectively. They spoke with us about the goal of the company and their journey to get it where it is today. 

Statusphere is a place of connectivity for brands and influencers. It offers an easier way for both brands and influencers to build relationships that fit all parties involved, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

"One of our most important values at Statusphere is authenticity. As a result, we work with social butterflies (even if they have a modest following) that have a truly authentic and engaged following. We enjoy working with individuals who aren't afraid to be honest," said Joesph. "We never force individuals in our Statusphere network to post anything they don't personally believe in. This will allow the best brands to rise to the top, regardless of their market share."

For both Wiley and Joseph, the roots of Statusphere originate from influential moments and learning experiences growing up.

Wiley knew at a young age that marketing was what she wanted to do. There are even home videos of her creating commercials and jingles when she was only 10! She tried getting a job when she was in high school, but no one would hire her. This led to her investing in designer purses from Marshalls and reselling them on eBay for more. Wiley said she learned some of her best lessons in marketing and sales while doing this. 

"My volleyball coach always told me, 'growth only happens outside of your comfort zone,' and I think it is one of the best pieces of advice I have received," said Wiley. "It has never been easy for me to go outside of my comfort zone, but each time I make a conscious effort to follow this advice it has paid off. When running a startup, there is a new challenge almost every day, which is why I am thankful to be in a position that constantly helps me learn and grow." 

Joesph's parents were first-generation immigrants, moving to the United States to build a better life for their children. Initially, she felt uneasy about her path and what direction she should take. In her eyes, there were two possible routes: an established one climbing the corporate ladder, or building her own legacy.

"My family advised me to dream big and take risks, reminding me that this is what they ultimately came to this country for. I instantly knew my answer and took the leap to join a very early-stage startup vs. taking the more traditional, structured route. With their support, I feel as though I am capable of anything, including building the life of my dreams," Joseph told us.

Wiley and Joseph both share the sentiment that serving in a leadership role is hard work — especially for a start-up. To Wiley, a CEO's job is to be able to do all of the work that no one else can or wants to do. There are also a lot of on-the-fly problems and decision making when it comes to having a start-up, Joseph told us. 

At the end of the day, they both find their jobs to be one of the most rewarding experiences in which they can continue to grow.

As for the future of the company, "A lot of people think of Statusphere as JUST a marketing company, but we have developed quite a bit of technology for our platform that's allowed to get us to where we are today. Since starting the company, we've uncovered additional opportunities by really listening to our current stakeholders' needs (consumers and brands)" said Joseph. "In 2020, we will be investing heavily in developing our technology more than ever and delivering on those needs. I'm so excited to put the pedal to the metal on our innovation to release our new and improved platform and being known as a market leader!"

It all started with big dreams and a massive amount of motivation for these girl bosses. We are are so excited to see where they — and Statusphere — are headed next!

All images credited to Kristen Wiley, Theresa Joseph, and Statusphere