Life-Changing Fatherly Advice

Usually, I tune out my father’s lectures because they tend to be more of the same, but the other night he gave me some advice that made me evaluate my life, so I think it’s something worth sharing. His words of wisdom? To stop being my own worst enemy. Like most fathers, mine thinks I’m special and capable of anything—if I just stopped getting in my own way. So, for the past week I’ve been pondering his words, trying to see myself the way he sees me. With the thought that some of you may also struggle with reaching your own extraordinary potential, I’ll share with you the full lesson as it was given to me by one of the most credible sources I know.

1. Don’t be afraid to say things

I have opinions, a lot of opinions, but those around me would never know. I often keep my thoughts to myself because I’m afraid of being wrong or sounding uneducated. This is my first time writing about something I actually care about, and that’s because I’ve always stopped myself from being confident in what I have to say. Since deliberating on my dad’s most recent bit of guidance, I’ve taken a leap of faith and decided to let complete strangers read my words. I’m trusting my message gets across, but if it doesn't then at least I gave it my best shot.

2. Don’t be afraid to do things

My dad has always stressed that experiences are the most valuable things in the world—an opinion I agree with wholeheartedly. But despite my craving for adventure, I tend to talk myself out of day-to-day opportunities. As a freshman in college, I’ve been facing the ever-so-daunting challenge of making new friends. But being the social butterfly that I am, the only excuse I have for not meeting new people is that I haven’t tried hard enough. The opportunities UCF offers its students are endless, and just by involving myself in one I have the chance to meet hundreds of people. With my newfound motivation to try new things, I have officially become a member of UCF CHAARG; a fitness and wellness club for girls. Am I nervous about the unknown experiences I’m now facing? Definitely. But am I looking forward to what might come as a result? Absolutely.

3. Stop making excuses

All in all, the message in my father’s advice is to stop looking for reasons to not do something and to just do it. It’s definitely a task that's easier said than done, but once you come to terms with the fact that you have absolutely nothing to lose, you can start trusting yourself and reaching for your highest potential.

There is no doubt our fathers believe we can do anything we put our minds to; the challenge is believing it on our own. Once we accept our own unique and extraordinary qualities, we can start taking advantage of the many opportunities life throws our way.

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