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A Letter to the Future 

Dear Future, 

I hope you’re well — well, I’m not sure exactly what you are or how you’re doing yet, but I’m hopeful for you when you do come. I hope you’re around the corner (closer than everyone says) and that you bring numerous things to the table. I would hope you bring new opportunities, ones that everyone can get involved with after months of sadness and anxiety. I’m not sure that you can make up for the time lost or the memories that had to be held off, but the idea of what can come could surely make up for what we lost. 

When you come around, new life and the blooming of nature would be wonderful to look at. I imagine bright skies and freshly cut grass, baby ducks and new love blossoming, old love healing and laughter restoring to its original form. The jokes and the memories aren’t happy nor sad, but positive and encourage the idea of progression. Everything people lost and learned from our current, and what they will learn from you, hopefully opens a door — a door that we didn’t even know existed until all of this occurred. A door that shows us things we never thought possible or never had the chance to accept until we were forced to accept them. 

Sometimes the things we don’t want are the things we need the most. Looking towards the day when you arrive in a positive light is the only way we can survive these times. Sadness is inevitable and pain is something we all have to experience, but I hope, for the sake of our world, that you bring happiness. I hope you bring something we haven’t gotten in a while, something we longed for this whole time of isolation. Positive journeys aren’t easy to come by, but positive outcomes are something to look forward to. 

Body of water with sunset

As I sit around waiting for you and hoping that I don’t have to wait another three months, I’m learning patience and training my mind and body to react positively in these dark times — to be open to change, even though I didn’t ask for it. We’re all going through some sort of change, and this is a time when we should come together as a world of people who need love more than war, need love more than power, and need friends more than enemies. 

This is a time to be thankful and a time to hope that you’ll bring great things to our future. See you soon. 


One speckle on this large Earth

Kila Lambertt is a current junior at the university of Central Florida, is going into her second year of being a member of Her Campus Community. She has loved growing her writing through this website and hopes to continue in writing as well as Performing Arts. She is a BFA Major for the Acting Track at UCF.
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