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Just Keep Spinning: My First Spin Class Experience

Exercise is so good for you. It helps give structure for your day, gets those endorphins going, and can be a great outlet for stress. Not to mention it keeps you healthy and fit. But gosh, it can be very hard to get in a routine. Even if you have a routine, that doesn't mean you're automatically granted unlimited motivation. I recently went to my first spin class at the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center, and it went... surprisingly well.

With classes and work, I typically put exercise on the back burner. So when my roommate told me she was starting to go to a spin class and asked me to go with her, I was less than hyped. The idea grew on me, though. I've done other group exercise classes, like yoga and Zumba, and those have always been fun. Once you're there, it's a lot easier to be motivated because you have a group of other people sweating (and sometimes suffering) with you.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty intimidated by spin. All I've heard about it is that it's in the dark and there's music and lights, the instructors are intense and everyone leaves sweaty and in pain.

But I am so glad I went. The class was... fun? The lights and music took my mind off of the actual exercise, and having the lights turned off makes it easier for me to focus on myself instead of comparing how I was doing with everyone else. Plus, the instructor was so fun and motivating! He was so enthusiastic, which makes it better for everyone. It was like all the benefits of personal and group exercise rolled into one workout.

Overall, I'm glad I gave spin a chance. It opened up a whole new way for me to exercise, and I would've never known if I hadn't tried it. So, go out on a limb! Try a new exercise class! Live it up, college queens! Go to spin and get your butt kicked, so you can keep kicking butt at life.








Mady is a advertising-public relations/psychology major at the University of Central Florida. She spends her time at the Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF, listening to music, and writing. Mady is from Melbourne, Florida, and enjoys the beach, soccer, and watercolor painting. She is a new writer for Her Campus, as well as a member of the student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, Quotes. She has a passion for writing, mental health, as well as for art and music, and she is seeking a job in which she can combine all of these.
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