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A trend in society and something I often catch myself doing is always looking for the next thing. The next advancement. The next party. The next job. The next step in life. The next day.

While this can be very helpful for not dwelling on the past, it often gets us into a mindset of ignoring the present. Whether the present that we are in is good or bad, it is something we can’t get back. It is so important to feel your emotions wherever you’re at in life. It is so important to recognize your current situation and be able to use it in the future.

This goes for good things, too! So many times I have caught myself saying, “Man, I can’t wait for _______.” But I can wait. I physically have to. For example, I am very excited for Spring Break. While I keep expressing how much I wish it was a different time, though, I’m missing out on other good things that are happening now! Things that I don’t have to wait for.

Personally, this has been on my heart recently. The fact that just the way I think about things can affect how I live. I want to enjoy life where I am. I don’t want to be anxious, and I feel like by saying things like, “I can’t wait,” just perpetuates this cycle of waiting. Why am I excited for things if I know I won’t be in the moment and enjoying it when that thing comes?

So I challenge you: try saying “I’m looking forward to ______,” “I’m excited for ______,” or “______ will be so fun!” Instead of saying you can’t wait. It’s something I’ve been trying, and it’s already helped me to be more grateful for what I’m doing right now, and it helps me appreciate things I look forward to when they come. Making a conscious effort to live in the moment, or do anything for that matter, starts with small changes.


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Mady is a advertising-public relations/psychology major at the University of Central Florida. She spends her time at the Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF, listening to music, and writing. Mady is from Melbourne, Florida, and enjoys the beach, soccer, and watercolor painting. She is a new writer for Her Campus, as well as a member of the student chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, Quotes. She has a passion for writing, mental health, as well as for art and music, and she is seeking a job in which she can combine all of these.
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