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How to Rekindle Your Inner Flame

Everyone has a flame that shines brightly within us—it’s only a matter of letting that inner flame radiate. It’s crucial to keep your inner flame alive, even though we get so caught up on daily responsibilities. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep our inner flame running, but I hope these tips and tricks will help you rediscover the brightest parts of yourself.  

1. Listen to “feel good” music

An easy way to rekindle that inner flame of yours is through music. Music is a powerful key that can help bring out your inner light. If you play “feel good” songs as you drive to school or work, you’ll have that badass attitude to carry on throughout the day. I strongly recommend creating a playlist filled with feel-good songs (such as classics, throwbacks, etc.) that will get you singing or dancing.

Music is an easy way to reconnect, release stress and bring out our truest selves. I used to listen to music I liked but didn’t love. When I started listening to feel good music that hypes me up, I noticed a huge shift in my overall attitude. So, create a playlist with a bunch of songs that hype you up or excite you! Listen to this playlist on your way to school or work and jam out. You will create higher frequencies and attract positivity with that badass attitude. 

If you’re feeling courageous, another genre of music to explore is orchestral music. Beautifully crafted music that allows you to feel the emotion and vibrations can spark a flame you never knew existed. Sometimes, it’s the songs without words that hold more meaning than lyrics ever could. A big part of rekindling your flame is exploring and discovering new things, especially music! 

2. Do “feel good” activities 

What is something that excites you? What do you genuinely enjoy doing? DO MORE OF THAT! Often, we get so caught up in day-to-day responsibilities, running around and making sure we get our homework done (which can sometimes burn us out). A flame takes tending to ensure continuous burning and production of light.

Oftentimes, there is a common misconception that people naturally acquire this flame easily without doing anything. People tend to their flame by doing activities that bring them joy or happiness. If you do what you love, your light will always shine and radiate from within. The key is finding the activity that ignites your light.

Have you made time to do things that bring you happiness? It can be as simple as taking a bath and face masks while sipping on some wine. Or possibly reading your favorite book instead of scrolling through social media in the mornings. One of my favorite “feel good” activities is reconnecting with nature; sometimes, I’ll sit on a bench and just appreciate Earth’s natural beauty. I use this time to self-reflect and remember who I am. Everyone has different activities, hobbies, and events that make them feel good. Doing daily “feel good” activities, even if they’re small, will help rekindle and nurture your inner flame. 

3. Reflect on yourself 

Self-reflection is vital when rekindling your flame. If your flame went out, self-reflection holds the answer as to why. Many people fear to look deep within themselves (because of insecurities, fear or troubles). This fear is the very thing that will hold you back from accomplishing anything in life. Relinquish and free yourself from this fear and look deep within yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself during this time; it takes time, practice, and constant self-reflection.

Everyone will always have insecurities or troubles throughout life, but the key is managing/overcoming the obstacles. Self-reflection is the most effective tool to help while reconnecting our minds and body by bringing awareness to certain aspects of our life we are obliviously ignoring. You learn certain qualities about yourself such as your strengths, weaknesses, fears and what makes you happy. Once you bring awareness to yourself, you can adapt to tough circumstances and perform better in various aspects of life while building emotional awareness. 

The key to rekindling your flame is primarily through actions! You can’t expect to rediscover your brightest parts without doing some in-depth personal exploration. Rekindling your flame will help bring about confidence and a life fuller of prosperity, love, and happiness. Once you become more in-tune with yourself, all areas of your life will begin to improve. If you constantly do things you love, your inner flame will burn brightly inside and radiate… after all, beauty is not physical appearance. Beauty is what radiates from the inside. 

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