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It’s always fun to pamper yourself with a spa day, but let’s be honest with ourselves here. Although steaming your stresses away in a sauna and loosening your muscles with a massage seems absolutely delightful, not everyone has the time — or money — to do it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that relaxation is out of your reach, though! With the right tips, tricks and tools, you’ll be able to recreate that oh-so-great spa feeling right at home. 

Clean Your Space

First things first — in order to genuinely relax, you need to be in a good headspace! Take a few minutes to tidy up your apartment, wash your dishes, and clear out any clutter that may be stressing you out. By polishing up your place first, you’ll be able to get in the right mindset and not have to worry about finishing tasks afterward. 

Set the Mood

Next, you’ll want to set the mood. Light a candle, turn on your essential oil diffuser, and put on your favorite playlist. If you’re looking for a more melodic sound, try listening to piano ballads of your favorite artists (piano renditions of Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore are my personal favorite)!


Dry brushing is one of my favorite ways to exfoliate my body (even Miranda Kerr swears by it)! If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, you simply rub a brush with coarse, yet gentle bristles over your body in a circular pattern. Dry brushing is known to have several benefits such as improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system, and it's a perfect way to exfoliate before you take a bath or shower!

Take a Bath

If you have a bathtub, take advantage of it! Ever since I started using mine more frequently, I noticed that I'm more relaxed and have been able to slow down my hectic life — even if it's for a mere 15 minutes. Get your best bath bomb or bath salts, and soak away any worries in the warm water. 

If your apartment doesn’t have a bathtub, fear not! Try investing in some shower steamers, which you put in your shower on the opposite side of the drain. Once the water hits it, the steamer will release essential oils for an aromatic, therapeutic experience that's sure to help you relax.

Put on a Face Mask

Once your face is clean, put on a mask that's targeted for your skin type. I personally love sheet and peel-off masks, but clay and overnight masks work well too! Not only will a face mask soothe your soul, but it'll also leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a long day. Plus, if you'd like to save some time, this step can easily be done while you're bathing!

Paint Your Nails

I love a fresh mani, but getting your nails done professionally can be super expensive — especially if you get them done every other week. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a fresh set, try buying some nail polish and giving yourself a mani/pedi at home! For the full experience, use a rasp foot file to scrape off any dead skin, followed by a good-smelling foot cream. Also, try massaging cuticle oil into your nails for a look that's clean, neat and moisturized!

Cozy Up With a Book

I know I'm not the only one who has a bunch of unread books on her shelves — power off the electronics and pull out the novel you swore you were going to read five months ago! Cozying up with a novel is the perfect way to end your spa day — it'll relax your mind, all the while allowing you to get lost in an imaginative storyline. Be careful not to ruin your manicure, though!

Having a nice spa day doesn't have to break your budget! With everything that's going on in the world, along with the added stress of finals, make sure to find some peace in the midst of it all. Take the time to invest your time in yourself, and transform your apartment into a tranquil space all on your own.

Emma is a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Anthropology and History. When she's not writing articles, she enjoys long-distance running, iced chai tea lattes , and advocating for students as a Senator for Student Government.
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