How To De-Stress According To Your Horoscope Sign

We all know that college can get extremely stressful at times, especially when teachers decide to pile on the homework, projects and tests. It's even harder to deal with stress when you've been diagnosed with anxiety and every test or project seems like an opportunity for failure and a multitude of worries. I'm here to tell you that it's okay to take a break from the fast paced world that comes with being a collegiate and there are a number of fun and relaxing ways that you can de-stress. These suggestions will help you start over and with a fresh perspective when it does happen to be the time for you to get back into the swing of things. According to your star sign, I have compiled a list of activities and opportunities that will distract you from the daily stress you may encounter. 

1. Leo

Leos are bubbly and know how to create a presence for themsevles, whether it's simply by entering the room or becoming the center of attention through taking charge and taking on the role of a leader. As a Leo, sometimes being the leader can tend to become overwhelming and when others aren't willing to pitch in or help, you can find yourself always speaking for others or picking up the slack for those who don't want to or can't put in the effort. As a Leo, it is important to take a break and simply treat yourself.  Some awesome ideas are taking a nice bubble bath or opening up a bottle of wine. Another relaxing idea is to participate in an acitivity involving self-reflection and the great outdoors; for example, kayaking, canoeing or hiking.  A word of advice for Leos is that you don’t need to go to every social event and you don’t need to always be an influence to others. Only once you’ve found that you are in a place that you are content with, can you truly give others meaningful advice.

2. Capricorn

As a Capricorn, you take success very seriously. You strive for greatness and can sometimes get caught up in bettering yourself and reaching first-place status in whatever activity you may be involved with. It is easy for you to judge yourself based on how well you perform and this can lead to disappointment and self-criticism that can become a downward, negative spiral. It is vital that you realize your failures are not losses, but instead opportunities for growth and self-realization. For Capricorns, it is extremely important to take time out to self-reflect and to just have a little fun every now and then because all of the activities, clubs and organizations that you are a part of can become a bit overwhelming at times. Some ideas for de-stressing would be to go to a theme park with a few of your closest friends and/or have a picnic in the park. Going to a theme park would be a stimulating time for Capricorns who can grow tired and bored easily, whereas a picnic in the park would be relaxing and pleasant for any occasion. Remember that as Capricorns, you don’t need to always plan ahead. It is okay to be spontaneous and make room for fun. You don’t need to criticize yourself so much, if you don’t perform as well as you wanted to, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. 

3. Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are spontaenous and fun-loving, but sometimes the stress and the day after day routine of schoolwork and classes can put a damper on your free-spirited mood. Having a set schedule to adhere to can be toxic and can change your attitude from fun-loving to bored and sad. Just remember, that in the end it is all worth it and having a schedule to stick to doesn't mean that you are boring or that you've conformed completely to the ways of society, but just that you are being productive, making your way in life and becoming an adult. In order to take a break from the rigid routine that you may have fallen into, there are some fun ideas to keep you on your toes. First, you could go to a venue such as a comedy club or have an adventurous outing at an Escape Room closest to you. An ending note is to remember that you don’t need to be spontaneous all of the time. It is good to have some plans and structure, even if it is just a plan to go out with some friends.

4. Libra

As a Libra, it is easy to be hard on yourself. Trying to balance school, work, many organizations and your leadership positions can be a bit tough at times and it feels that sometimes you want to give it all up, even if it does seem like you are doing a great job on the outside. Don't let your busy schedule get you down, Libra! Remember what it is all for: to get that job you've been wanting, to make it in your profession and to become the person you've always wanted to be. A few ways you could forget about your troubles for a little while would be to go out on the town with your friends, have a fun bowling session at your nearest bowling alley or hit up a Mediterannean hookah lounge. The first option gives you the opportunity to be the social butterfly that you are, the second option provides you with a fun alternative to just sitting around and watching Netflix and the third is a unique experience that gives you a chance to sit and have some quality time with your friends. Remember Libras, that you don’t always need to be so hard on yourself, you will never be perfect.

5. Aries

Being an Aries can get hard sometimes. It seems as if people are reliant on you to understand and fulfill a multitude of tasks. You are the go-to person, the leader, the instigator and the planner. It becomes a bit tiresome after you've lead a number of projects and causes and seemed to have only fallen short on being recognized for your effort and expertise. Here are a few ways to de-stress and reset from all of the responsibilites you may have: going to a music festival would let you be your fiery self and express your personality in a way that is positive and creative and going to an arcade or water park would allow you to have some good old-fashioned fun and healthy competition with your friends. If anything, take away with you the fact that it's okay to fall off the radar for a few hours or even days, not everyone needs to hear from you. You need to remember that you should be your main focus.

6. Gemini

Being a Gemini isn't necessarily a piece of cake, like it may seem. The positive energy and endless insight doesn't come from not trying. Tapping into your intellectual side to fulfill all of the demanding needs that school and your workplace asks of you may start to become irritating and troublesome. In reality, you would like to take a six day vacation to the islands and just disappear, but you know deep down that you have responsibilities and that you are accountable for something. In order to help yourself realize the importance of keeping up your positive outlook and hard work, you could take a break and host a themed party based off of whatever your current interest is. Another great idea would be to invite your friends to Sunday brunch and sip on some mimosas by the pool or at your favorite breakfast cafe. A side note to Geminis would be to keep in mind that you don’t need to do something crazy and interesting every day, it’s okay to rest and take time out for yourself.

7. Virgo

As a Virgo, it is easy to draw yourself back into your shell and avoid your responsibilities and obligations. Sometimes, it seems that it is easier to just not get things done than to deal with the stress and effort of endless assignments and requirements. However, keeping the objective down the road in mind can make it a bit easier to remember the importance of keeping up your duties. In order to give you the refresher that you need, you can go to an event such as an indie movie festival or an art museum. Either option would provide you with the break that you need from numbers, equations, essays and history dates that you need to keep in your back pocket in case of a pop quiz. Make sure to invite your friends along because if you spend too much time alone, you may be tempted to go back into your room and retreat into your bed with Netflix and some tissues from the mentsal breakdown you just had due to being over stressed. Remember that as a Virgo it's okay to talk about how you are feeling and that you don’t need to spend a lot of time alone but instead trust the people who are closest to you with your feelings, even if you are just feeling stressed.

8. Taurus

As a Taurus, you can become set in your ways and your routine: so much so that you don't even realize you have become so mechnical. It's time for you to take a break and mix it up before you become crazy! Having too much of one thing is never good and it would do you good to step away from the computer or textbook and take a much needed mini vacation for your brain. Some ideas for destressing would be to read the book you've had on your list for awhile now and to attend your favorite band's concert. Both of these options would leave you satisfied because you would be treating yourself and in the process, getting some time to have fun and relax. When it comes down to it, just be aware that you don’t need to be set in your ways and rules all the time. It is completely okay to have some fun and live it up, especially while you are young.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius' do not mind taking on many tasks because they know they will be able to perform them efficiently and most likely better than anyone else would. It's easy for Sagittarius' to take on too many things at once and realize that they may be overbooking themselves or spreading themselves too thin. Realizing that it's okay to have a few solid achievements instead of a belt full of mediocre ones due to limited time and dedication can be a major stepping stone in managing stress and anxiety as a Sagittarius. Another good idea to help in stepping away from the hanging cloud of responbilities that may be over your head would be to go on a shopping trip and treat yourself to a new outfit. Indulging just a little bit isn't considered a sin and you know you've been wanting that matching purse and shoes for awhile. Another fantastic idea would be to host a DIY day at your place, where you create fun goodies and convenient items such as a DIY cleaning spray or even a DIY bath bomb. On another note, as a Sag, please promise to recognize that it’s okay to express your feelings and not be distant and cold, you are human and people will completely understand.

10. Pisces

Being a Pisces is tiring from time to time. Giving so much of your time to the cause that you believe in can sometimes go unnoticed and you can feel extremely underappreciated or that you have been taken for granted. All of your hard work and innovation will not always be underscored and you have to remember this as you move forward and come up with new and even better ideas for the organizations, causes and people that you care about. Some perfect ideas that will help in giving you a much needed break and that will, in turn, help steer you back on path would be to go to a local farmer's market or have a photo shoot in the park with your best friends. Going to the farmer's market would provide you with opportunities to try new and enticing foods and having a fun and silly photoshoot would create some awesome memories between you and your friend group. In conclusion, being a Pisces means feeling deeply, even if you may not want to and it is easy to become mad at yourself, but take note that it’s okay to let things go. Not everything is important enough to hold on to.

11. Cancer

As a Cancer, you are intelligent and friendly. This is a deadly mix because you will take on many roles and responsibilities throughout your college career. You will be a leader and a follower. You will be a confidante and a counselor. It is easy to get so caught up in the plights of others, that you lose sight of reality and what is really important: you. Having a day or two to yourself and collecting your thoughts and emotions will only do you some good. While you are taking a break, host a potluck dinner with you and your friends or invite your BFFs over for a wine night. You can never go wrong with food and alcohol and this gives you an opportunity to shine brightly as the bubbly person you are, but be comfortable enough to retreat into your own self if you feel that you don't want to have to please everyone around you. As far as a word of advice to Cancers: it’s okay to be selfish sometimes, you can’t always put others before yourself. 

12. Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you have to keep yourself stimulated and due to this, you can make too many plans and find yourself involved with too many organizations. You want to get the most out of everything and every opportunity and never fall short of receiving the best out of a situation or instance. It's not hard to realize that you've been circling around the drain and will fall in at any moment from the stress of classes, clubs and people hitting you up to hang out. Fun ideas for helping you realize that you'll be okay would be to go out to your favorite bars or drink an amazing latte at an obscure coffee shop. These are two very different plans but both fit a different side of your complex personality. The first satisfies your need to have fun and feed your inner demons while the second satsifies your need to try new things and have an open mind.  One last reminder to you as a Scorpio is that it’s okay to fall silent sometimes when you don’t know what to say or how to say it. You can’t always be the passionate, take-charge person. 

I hope that all of these ideas for destressing will prove to be successful and most importantly, fun!

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