Her Stars: The Tea on Air Signs

Welcome back to  Her Stars, the weekly column that answers all of your questions about astrology, romance, and general advice. This week is a special installment where we'll be covering the tea on all air signs.

  1. 1. Libra

    Libras are the glamorous stars of the zodiac: amicable, friendly, charismatic and fluid. They are able to be who they need to be to make you feel comfortable and put you in a good mood. Libras make amazing friends and are often very popular amongst peers. They’ve mastered the art of being the peacemaker and getting along with others.

    So what's their problem, you ask? Due to the fact that they’re so fluid and flexible, they are incredibly indesicisive. Walk up to a Libra and ask them a simple question of where they want to eat and they’ll turn it around and let you decide where to eat. In some cases, they're being thoughtful of you and your needs and wants. In other cases, they straight up have no idea what they want and feel that it is easier to let someone else make the decision. They want to please those around them and keep the peace so badly that they’ll abstain from saying their truths. If you do something that bothers them, they'll deny that it bothers them at all until the day they die if it means there's no conflict.

    This also means that they love to play the blame game. Since Libras often do not communicate how they feel or what they want, they often place the blame on others for not automatically understanding them and knowing what they want. It's a real victim complex. Libras often feel that they have to stick through it. No matter how they feel or what bothers them, they must follow through because the other person is "too good of a catch.” They often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders due to not being honest with their feelings and holding out for those who don't deserve it.

    Dear Libras: I love you guys, but please do me a favor and be more honest with those around you and trust that they can handle your feelings and listen to you without invalidating you.

  2. 2. Aquarius

    Calling all Aquarians back to Earth! Aquarians is the independent, unique protagonist that you read about in books. They're quirky, surrounded by people yet not connected to people, always doing they're own thing, and curating their unique brand that has never been seen before. They're incredibly friendly and attractive to those around them. Aquarians have mastered the art of being individualistic.

    However, they're often not present on this planet, always in their own world floating around. They often lack direction and the ability to disclose or express honest emotions to others. Many Aquarians grow up in a household that doesn't allow them to be emotionally supported. This is not to say all Aquarians grow up in that setting as each experience is different, of course. However, it’s often the cause of why they are self-sufficient emotionally. They feel that they don't need people. *cue loner music*

    This doesn't mean they're actually alone; in fact, they’re very friendly and make a lot of friends. They just happen to never show their true authentic self to anyone, just a mask. Not to mention, they constantly feel this need to be individualistic. It’s not necessarily true that whatever they do or like is uniquely theirs, they just portray it as so as that's how they need things to be. Despite the whole loner bravado, Aquarians are lonely and desperately seek companionship.

    Aquarians are often their worst critique and are afraid of rejection. They will deny themselves the things they want if it means they get to stay in their little bubble of a world.

    Dear Aquarius: you're great. Please allow others to see how great you are and understand that who you are is not so outlandish that nobody can understand. There's a world of people wanting to be your friend, you just need to find the courage to let people who can appreciate your individualism in.

  3. 3. Gemini

    I saved the best for last as Geminis deserve some recognition. I have previously talked about Geminis before, so as to not be repetitive I won't dive too deep.

    Let's get into what's great about Geminis. They are masters of being alluring to everyone around them. They know exactly how to talk to people and get the reaction they need and want. When you look at a Gemini, they are alluring and have this starry atmosphere around them. They are often surrounded by people and loved.

    However, Geminis are very controversial to those around them. People love to hate them, yet they are often just doing their own thing and being hated for being themselves. They make for good friends and companions. They are the stars of the zodiac. I can hear egos inflating as I write this, as many Geminis are very egotistical.

    Now to what's not so great about Geminis: they are constantly seeking new experiences and freedom, and they often burn a lot of people in their search for it. They feel that anybody standing in the way of their freedom and ability to be themselves is extra weight and must be cut off or taught a lesson. Geminis are incredibly smart, so don't think they're airheads. They may display an airhead front, but they are very calculating people. They need to be stimulated intellectually and if that's not happening, then they're walking. For more on Geminis, please click here.

    Dear Geminis: please take a second to remember that others have their own wants and needs. Just because they does not align with yours does not mean that person should be disregarded. Take a second to compromise sometimes.

There will be more installments like this in the future for earth, fire, water signs, so stay tuned. Next week, will be back to our regularly scheduled submissions. As always, if you have a question please submit it here.

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